Why I Decided to Start Side Hustling

I want to personally welcome one of our new staff writers to Debt Roundup. We have been joined by Kayla of Shoeaholicnomore.com and I’m excited to have her. She will be talking mainly about saving and making money, but other topics as well. Give her a warm welcome! Take it away Kayla!

Hey guys! I recently heard that Grayson was looking to take on a new writer to help him with his blog here at Debt Roundup and I was honored that he decided to take me on to write about saving and making more money. When I first started my own blog in December 2013, I never imagined that I’d be making money online, or that I’d even be thinking about quitting my job to work for myself in the comfort of my yoga pants at home. 🙂 So in my first (of hopefully many) posts here at Debt Roundup, I wanted to share some of the reasons why I decided to start side hustling and why you should think about it too.

Before I share some of those reasons with you, let me first acknowledge that I know side hustling is not for everyone. Side hustling after you’ve put in a full day at your job, or spent all day wrangling your kids around at home and finally got them into bed, is not most people’s idea of fun. It takes a lot of dedication to side hustle. But side hustling can be the best thing you do for your finances. Here’s why:

Pay off Debt

The first reason I decided to start my side hustle of freelance writing for blogs, was to earn extra money to pay off debt. Luckily I’ve always loved writing, so it didn’t feel much like work to go home after an 8 hour shift at my full-time job and put in another couple of hours writing for blogs.

This month marks my first full year of side hustling online and I know I wouldn’t be where I am with my debt payoff if it weren’t for the extra money I made by side hustling.

Save for a Large Purchase

Some of my personal finance blog friends aren’t in debt and yet they are still working full-time and going home to side hustle in the evenings and on the weekends anyway. I’m not sure I could live that life forever. But side hustling when you aren’t in debt can allow you to save up money very quickly for a large purchase, like a home, a big international vacation, or some other dream you might have.

Grayson’s Note: I do this right now and am saving to complete our basement. It’s a great way to bring in more income and open up more possibilities.

Pay the Bills

Another reason why some people decided to side hustle to make more money is because they either: don’t love their career, or it simply doesn’t pay them enough. Side hustling may be the only way they can pay their bills and keep their household afloat. I’ve never been in that situation, but I do know that side hustling has allowed me to pay for a couple of small luxuries that I wouldn’t be able to afford if I were relying only on the income from my day job.

Why I Chose to Side Hustle

Make a Career Change

Back to the people who side hustle because they don’t love their career, side hustling may be the opportunity they needed to learn new skills, express themselves creatively, or blow off some steam. Sometimes side hustle businesses can even grow to the point that you’ll be able to quit your job and work on your business full-time.

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Change Your Life

The common denominator in all of these reasons you should side hustle is that side hustling changes your life for the better. If gives you more money to fund the things in your life that need funded, no matter if that’s to pay off debt, build savings, or even pay for everyday living expenses. Additionally, side hustling is about more than just money. It’s also about the opportunity to practice something you love and get paid for it. What could be better than that?

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  1. Side hustling is the one that changed almost everything from I how I spend my time to how much money I get. I am glad that I made the decision to get side hustles. I never thought that I would earn as much as this. It really helped me a lot.

  2. Having a side hustle is totally worthy of your time and aside from that, you also earn extra money from it. I never realized that I would start to have a side hustle before, and now I’m thankful that I started it.

  3. My side hustle is how I sleep at night, knowing if something happened to my FT job we’d have a little extra money to float us while on unemployment insurance!

  4. I started side-hustling to change my life. I have an eventual goal to get to financial independence. I have done pretty well so far, and I’m looking to start a second blog to hopefully double (or more) my side hustle monthly income!