When Passion turns into workOver the last few weeks and months, there has been a lot of talk lately about pursuing your passion.  Some of my fellow bloggers have left their jobs or are thinking about leaving their jobs to pursue making money online and doing what they really enjoy.  I think this movement is awesome and I applaud them.  It is extremely difficult to take the leap from being employed to being self-employed.  There are only a handful of individuals that can handle being self-employed.  Most think about the dream of self-employment, but have no idea what it is all about.  That being said, I want to talk about one thing and then ask a question.

Pursuing Passion

As I indicated, there are only a handful of people that are built to succeed with self-employment.  You are fully responsible for your own actions and how much money you can make.  You make your hours (which tend to be many more than a regular job), you handle all of the work, and you find new clients.  The only thing that you have control over is everything!

I have pursued my passion and it was awesome.  I enjoyed building and growing my business by my own two hands.  I had all of the control, but I also absorbed all of the stress.  I ran my business for around 4 years and then I decided something.

When Passion Turns Into Work

One thing that I didn’t talk about in my post about shutting down my profitable business, is that my passion started to dwindle.  I was so excited in the beginning and for about 3 years.  In the fourth year, my passion started to fade.  My passion started to turn into a h0-hum job. It has just become work.  I was dreading turning on my computer, firing up my email, and jumping on live chat.  Everything I did was just to keep the business going.  I didn’t want to be there anymore.  I just lost my passion.

So, here is my question (or questions).  What happens when your passion turns into work?  What happens when the things you enjoy start to turn into just another job?  What would you do?  If you are self-employed, do you continue because that is how you make money?

This is something that I talked about on Michelle’s post about pursuing what she loves or what makes her money.  This is one of the hardest things to ask yourself.  Do you jump the employment ship and go out on your own?  The one thing that I asked was what she would do if her current passion just turned into another job.  I think it is a legitimate question and one that many should ask themselves before jumping into self-employment.

As I stated, I am all for people pursuing their passion.  I think it is important and one of the things that drives entrepreneurship.  If no one had passion, then there would be no small businesses.  Follow your passion, but make sure you know what to do if you stop having passion for it.

I want to know what you think about this.  What would you do if your passion started to turn into another job?

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