financial freedom road

I deserve.

Have you ever found yourself uttering those words?  We used to say them a lot.  We’d use them to buy takeout when we were tired at the end of the day.  We’d use them to buy a “pick-me-up” treat for ourselves.  We’d use them to get newer, better, shinier things.  In short, we used them to justify living a spending lifestyle that we had no business living, primarily through the use of credit cards.

It wasn’t until we had a huge paradigm shift in our lives that we came to understand the danger of that phrase.  When we left our upscale suburb for a home in the country, we took our tens of thousands of credit card debt along with us.  Honestly, we would’ve preferred to leave it at the old place, but unfortunately, that wasn’t an option (insert sarcasm here).

The lifestyle we had “deserved” to live for so many years was quickly becoming an ever-tightening noose around our necks, and we were finding it harder to deal with.  After a month or two living a life of “getting away from it all”, we started to learn that what we thought we deserved was the total opposite of what we truly deserved.


Life in the country isn’t for everyone, but one of the first things that people say when they visit us out here is “It’s so peaceful!”.  And, it is.  The quiet is mesmerizing.  No road traffic, no loud music, and no hustle and bustle of busy people going places and doing things.  Instead, when you sit on our front porch (the “settin’ porch” as they called it in the olden days, when our 1888 built house was new and shiny), you’ll not hear much besides birds chirping, wind blowing, and a whole lot of quiet.

Financial peace is much the same way.  When you’ve arrived at a place where you have or are at least working toward financial security, you have a sense of peace.  No more worrying about if you’ll be able to pay the bills, how you’re going to earn extra cash for groceries, or, if you’ve got that emergency fund built up, what you’ll do if you’re laid off.  Instead, you’ll have the peace of knowing that, through hard work and good money management, you’ve got it covered.


Yes, financial security allows you freedom, and you deserve that freedom. What freedom am I talking about?  The freedom to make decisions for your life based not on whether or not you have the money, but on what’s best for you and/or your family.  Want to take a lower-paying, less stressful job, or start your own business? Have an opportunity to buy something fun?  Financial security allows that option to be on the table, whereas a boat load of debt takes those options off of the table because, after all, you’ve got bills to pay.


Financial stability offers you a level of security in life.  When you have little or no debt, and an ample emergency fund, you’ve got the means to weather stuff like job layoffs, unexpected expenses and the ability to help someone in need.  You don’t have to worry as much about the market crashing, job layoffs or the need to move somewhere.  With financial stability, you’ve got the security of knowing that you have a back up plan for expenses that need to be paid and things that you need or want done.

When you’re thinking about what you deserve, I challenge you to think bigger.  Not in terms of material items, but in terms of what will bring you a joyful, fulfilling peaceful life from a financial standpoint.  Money surely doesn’t solve all of your problems, but a lack of it will cause a lot of trouble.

What is it that you like most about the idea of financial stability?