Use YouTube Videos to Save Money

We’ve spent the last couple of months listening to our dryer slowly die. When we dry out clothes, it sounds like a flock of birds is getting murdered by the dryer. The squeaking sound was deafening at first, but over time, we got used to it. We got complacent to the sound. You see, our dryer was about 10 years old and we only paid about $250 for it new. New dryers these days typically only last about 10 years (if that) and then crap out. I was expecting it to just crap out and we’d have to fork over about $600 for a new one with all the bells and whistles they come with now. While I have a fully stocked savings account, I still don’t like to drop any sum of money on things when they break.

Luckily for me (and the industrialized world with internet access), I was able to save us a good amount of money and not having to deal with finding and purchasing ┬ánew dryer because of YouTube! Yes, the video site. While you might use YouTube to watch the latest cat video or sweet music mashup, I typically use it to save myself and my family money. That’s the beauty of the internet. It has allowed so many people to save money each and every day. Since I discovered all of the cool ways to save money using the internet, I haven’t stopped! But today, I want to show you how I fixed my dryer, saved money, and spent some quality time with my son!

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How One YouTube Video Saved Me Money

As noted above, our dryer sounded like it was dying. I’m not a dryer repairman, but I am quite handy. I realized a new dryer was going to cost us some money. That’s just what they do. The issue I had was the dryer still dried out clothes well and everything else seemed just fine. It was the ungodly sound of the squeal that was piercing my ears every time we ran that thing. I’m certain our neighbors thought we were killing little birds in our house for sport. The sound was that loud.

Since I’m a fan of DIY to save money, I figured I would start my search on Google to figure out what the squeal was coming from. It didn’t take me long to find the likely culprit. All signs lead to a worn our upper dyer bearing. Now, when you think of a bearing, you probably think of metal, but come to find out, these are just hard plastic pieces which the metal drum rubs against. Doesn’t seem like a great design to me, but whatever. It’s quite common for the glides (more plastic parts) to just wear out over time and then the squeaking and squealing start to happen.

OK, so I figured out the likely problem, but how do I fix it? Remember, while I’m handy and quick to learn, I don’t know how to repair a dryer. Good thing there is YouTube. All I needed to find an awesome tutorial was to figure out my dryer model number (it was on the door panel) and then type this into YouTube: “GE DBLR333EE2WW dryer bearing replacement”

It took a minute or two to find this video:

This little gem was an eight-minute video showing me exactly how to deal with my situation and they were doing it on my dryer. Literally, this repair only takes about 8 minutes and you’re done. That’s something I can get behind.

Now, here’s where the savings come in. I scoured the internet trying to find the part for my dryer. There were no stores in my area that had it, so I had to buy it online. I found it at a few parts stores online, like sears parts direct, but they wanted over $40 for one of the parts, then I had to pay $5 for each slide (there are four of them). As a frugal shopper, I decided to look around.

I was happy when I found the part I needed on my favorite store, Amazon. I was able to find the bearing plastic and all of the slides for just $26. It was a combo kit and even came with free shipping. Amazon also had it for prime shipping, but the part cost more, so I went with one of their third-party sellers and I’m glad I did. I placed the order and it was supposed to be in the following week. I got a bit of a surprise when they shipped it out that day and I got it two days later. Can’t complain with that.

You see, I paid $26 for the parts needed to fix the dryer. I didn’t know if that was the real problem or not, but since I called a repairman and they were going to share me $125 to come out and diagnose the issue, I figured I would save nearly $100 trying this fix. I had about a 95% confidence this was the issue with the dryer.

Mix a Little Father/Son Time in with Saving Money

What’s saving money about if you can’t share it with others. My oldest is a toddler who loves to do what daddy does. I’m OK with that and I want to show him how to fix things so he is not dependent on others to get things done. This was the perfect opportunity to hang out with my son and fix the dryer at the same time. To make my son feel more involved, we both put on our tool belts (totally not necessary, but why not) and carried our screwdrivers into the laundry room. It was time to tackle this squealing dryer and fix the problem for good.

I loaded up YouTube on my phone with the video above and played it while I was working on the dryer. Since it wasn’t an advanced fix, I could follow along while doing the work. I did have to pause it often as my son wanted to dry and unscrew the screws with me and that just takes a long time.

All-in-all, it took about 20 minutes to pull the dryer face off, remove the old bearing, and replace it with the new one. The old bearing was definitely the issue. It was missing many of the slides, the plastic was worn to nothing in many areas and it was just done. We also got a chance to clean out the lint trap line, which was full of dust, lint, and other junk. This was a great reminder to do this regularly as that was a true fire hazard that could have burned our house down. I’m not regularly going to clean out that line to make sure lint is building up behind the dryer face plate.

In the end, I got to spend 20 minutes with my son (OK, he quit on me after about 15 minutes and started playing with toys) and fix my dryer all for $26 and one YouTube video. I didn’t have to buy a new dryer for $600 and I didn’t have to pay a repairman $125 just to come out to the house to look at the dryer. So, I saved $99 by doing a little DIY and searching on YouTube.

How YouTube Videos Can Save You Money

Do you see how easy it was for me to save nearly $100? I mean, it took me about 5 minutes of searching, two minutes of buying on Amazon, and 20 minutes of installing the part with the help of my son. I got to have quality time with my toddler, save money, and now have a squeak-free dryer that sounds like it just came off the factory floor. That’s the beauty of YouTube. It can help save you money in so many ways. That’s the power of of the internet.

If you don’t know how to do it, YouTube it and I can almost guarantee there will be some tutorial guide out there with someone walking you through the process. I use YouTube all of the time to help me through a problem. If I’m having the issue, I bet someone has run across it as well. Social media is a really powerful tool when it comes to your money and YouTube can really be one of the best tools to keep more money in your pocket (and teach you a few things).

So, if you have internet access at home or on your smartphone, then why not try YouTube to see if you can fix something that’s broken or find another way to do something in order to save money? The information is all there and it only takes some action from you to make it worth while. As I said, I use YouTube often to help me save money and this is just one instance when it worked out quite well. I even used it to save me nearly $500 on a brake job when I did it myself on my Honda Accord a few years ago. I thought doing brakes would be scary, but it was super easy and it took me about an hour. BOOM!

How have you used YouTube to save money recently? Have you even tried?

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