The New Moto G LTEI have a confession to make.  After our move, I was forced to move away from Walmart Family Mobile.  While I liked the service and the price, I didn’t get good service at the new house.  I also moved to a new desk at work and my service was practically non-existent.  While the price was great, it can’t be justified when I can’t use it.  In light of this change, I decided to try out Cricket Wireless.  If you didn’t know, Cricket Wireless was just bought out by AT&T.  AT&T created Aio Wireless last year and then just stopped it and are going through a rebrand.  Cricket Wireless will now use the GSM network used by Aio Wireless. This is great for me as I have an unlocked GSM phone.  My original phone was the Google Nexus 4, but that just crapped out on me after the newest KitKat update.  Since I need my phone, I started looking at the new Moto G with LTE.  Here is my experience.

Signing Up with Cricket Wireless

Cricket WirelessI wasn’t originally going to sign up with Cricket Wireless. I was looking to sign up with Aio.  Once I did some research and found AT&T buying the parent company of Cricket, I was off to see what I could do.  Since I had my own phone that was unlocked, I wasn’t interested in getting a Cricket Wireless phone.

Cricket does offer a bring your own phone program (BYOP), so I was happy.  You can do it online or you can go into one of their stores.  Luckily for me, there were quite a few stores around.  I jumped in my car and headed down the the nearest Cricket Wireless store.  I got there right when they opened, so I was the first customer for the day.

Picking a Cricket Wireless Plan

Cricket offers three smartphone plans.  They start at $40 per month and go to $60 per month.  Remember, Cricket is a pre-paid service.  If you don’t pay for your next month’s service, you lose it.  Some get this confused with out Verizon and AT&T bill their customers.  They are considered post-paid or you pay after your latest month ends.

Cricket Wireless Plans

Since I use some data on my phone, I decided to go with their $50/month plan (“Smart” as they call it).  This plan includes the following features.


  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Nationwide Text/Messaging (not unlimited if don’t internationally)
  • 4G LTE Data speeds
  • 2.5GB Data allotment
  • Nationwide AT&T coverage


Now, some of you will say 2.5GB is not good enough, but it is for me. I don’t have any problems with that amount since I am on WiFi most of the time.  I do use more than 500mb, but never more than 1GB.

Transferring My Number to Cricket

This was the part I was most afraid of. I have heard of problems with transferring numbers out of Walmart Family Mobile.  Well, I can say I didn’t have one problem at all. It was done within 5 minutes.  Make sure you have your Family Mobile account number and your PIN.  If you don’t have a PIN, call customer service to set one up.

I was in and out of Cricket in less than 30 minutes.  I can’t complain with that.  They were also very nice to speak with during the process.  Now, I have AT&T’s network!

 Buying the New Moto G LTE

The other day, my Nexus 4 decided to start going through an exorcism.  It was kind of scary to watch.  After the latest Android update, it just never worked the same.  I have never seen it like that.  After going back to a factory restore and setting it back up, it still didn’t work right.  I called Google and they told me the hardware was going bad.  It seemed that way as the buttons were not functioning and the screen was turning off and on.  I was just waiting for it to start throwing up.  Since I bought my phone on eBay, I couldn’t get a new one from Google.  Damn!  That is the price you pay for an unlocked, no-contract phone.

I had heard about the new  Moto G from Republic Wireless. They are touting it on their site, so I wanted to check it out.  I looked over reviews and like what I saw. The big problem was the phone didn’t have 4G capability. It was only up to 3G.  While this was just like my Nexus 4, I wanted to get some 4G dammit!  Then I noticed a press release about how Moto G was coming out with the updated Moto G with 4G LTE spectrum. Hells yes!

While the cost of the unlocked phone was about $40 more, I thought it was worth it for me.  You can get an unlocked Moto G for only $179.  That is right people, you can have a new damn phone for only $179 that works like a champ.  I am glad Motorola came out at this price.  This is great for people like me.  The new Moto G LTE was priced around $219.  I read all of the review on Amazon and was happy with what I saw.

I got the new Moto G LTE (white version) and next day shipping for only $7 extra. Hell yeah Amazon Prime!  Once the phone was delivered, I simply pulled out my SIM card from my old phone and popped it in the new phone.  After about 5 minutes of adding my Google Account and putting my apps back on, I was ready to go.  The best part is now I had 4G LTE coverage.  Oh how sweet it is.

My thoughts on the Moto G LTE

I am a techie at heart. I love electronics.  When I can test a new phone out, I get a little excited.  I will say the Moto G is a great phone.  I can’t believe the performance of this phone, especially for the price.  It is running a simple version of Android, almost stock.  This is what I am used to since I had the Google Nexus 4.  I like the pure Android experience.

The speed and responsiveness is great.  It worked fast and does the job.  This is not an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S5.  Don’t think it is going to compare.  This phone is a budget phone for those who don’t want to pay $600 for a damn phone.  This is probably one of the best options out there and I would highly recommend it.  My wife liked it so much, she now wants to get one. I told her she needs to wait until her unlocked phone dies.

Now, some of you might balk at the storage of the phone. The Moto G with LTE does only come in a 8GB version. This is the internal storage amount. That is quite low, but they do have a SD card slot which expands up to 32GB. For me, I stream all of my music. I used both Pandora and the new Amazon Prime music.  My pictures are automatically uploaded to the cloud and off my phone.  I don’t keep much stuff on there. Since I have the internet, why not use the cloud?  If you are a storage hog, then you need to understand this and get a SD card. It doesn’t come with the phone.

All in all, I am really happy with my new Moto G LTE and with Cricket Wireless.  Since I wanted to save on our monthly bills, I moved my wife over this past weekend and she is happy. I save $10 a month per line up to five lines.  I can’t complain with that.  When the bill comes in, I am paying $6 more a month for Cricket, but now I have service at my house and my work.  Not only service, but 4G LTE service.  Win!

Would you consider buying the Moto G LTE phone if you needed a new one?  If you need more information about the phone, check out my Moto G LTE review on Empowered Shopper!