I am getting closer to my Verizon Wireless contract end date in December.  My wife and I have started getting fed up with Verizon and their high prices and poor customer service.  While I don’t use customer service that often because I can usually handle most issues on my own, when I do need them, they are worthless.  There was even a time in a Verizon store when I had to help the tech support with their own computer in order to solve my problem.  I am still waiting for my check from Verizon to pay me for my time!

If you have been here before, you know that I am debating between staying with Verizon or leaving them for Prepaid.  I have been in this process for some time because I can’t justify paying the fees that I do to Verizon.  I am not a heavy data user on my Motorola Droid Bionic, nor do I text or call that often.  I use my cell phone as my only phone, but I would rather talk with people face to face.  As Verizon’s fees are not getting any smaller, I have to decide to move in order to save money.

One Step Closer

Straight talk LogoAfter a month of research, I have finally decided to try out Straight Talk.  This is the service through Walmart, but also can be purchased online.  There are a lot of people that like it, but there are also many that don’t.  This seems to be the normal for most.  My plan is to purchase an unlocked Google Nexus smartphone, and then purchase the SIM card and 30 day unlimited plan from Straight Talk.  I will be getting a new number just for the trial, but if it all works out, then I will purchase a new SIM card and transfer my number.

The reason why I chose this method was because I can keep my Verizon phone and service until I make sure that I will be happy with Straight Talk.  I will be using the AT&T SIM card, which I know has good service in Raleigh, so I am not worried about it.  I just like to test the waters before I dive in.

If this all works out, then I will leave Verizon once my contract is up in December.  My wife will probably go with me, but since she doesn’t like her Samsung Stratosphere smartphone, she may just get by with a “dumb” phone.  It is her choice and I can’t complain as it will cost me less money.  By the time is it all said and done, we could be saving $60 a month.  Even with the cost of the $350 Galaxy Nexus, I would still save over $1000 over the course of a typical two year contract.  I can’t refuse those savings!

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  1. hello grayson,

    thank you for this article. I went through the same thing you did not too long ago. I went out and bought a new “unlocked” phone and moved over to straighttalk. I haven’t had any issues and have been saving a lot of money compared to Big Red.

    If you find the phone, then I would recommend it. There is nothing better than feeling the freedom of not having a phone contract held above your head.

    1. Hey Scot,

      Thanks for the feedback. I am happy to hear that you have had a good experience with Straight Talk. I have heard it is hit or miss with them, but most of the people that have problems are ones that are data abusers. I already have the phone picked out, but I have to put it in my budget first before I pull the trigger.

  2. good luck leaving Verizon. they have great coverage almost anywhere in the us, but I do agree that their customer service has gone down hill.

    I have tried the prepaid route, but I ended back with Verizon on another contract. You get what you pay for.

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  4. Grayson,

    We switched and will never look back!

    While technology lowers the cost of phone and data service, Verizon is going in the opposite direction. Until recently, my wife and I have been with Verizon way back when it bought us out from under GTE!

    Aside from the savings, we recently made the switch because Verizon locked out many features that worked on identical model phones on other carriers, like Bluetooth file transfer and using corporate applications like Goodlink on a personal data plan. Verizon requires you to have a ‘corporate’ data plan for Goodlink regardless of your data usage.

    So with an ‘unlocked’ phone, we can now use features that were disabled on Verizon’s phones, and paying less at the same time.

    It even gets better- we can remove the sim card from one phone and move it to another in seconds. I have an old clamshell ‘beater’ phone that I use at the beach and at the end of the day, I’ll move the sim card back to my smartphone.Try doing THAT with Verizon…

    Near the end, I felt Verizon kept taking away more and more and charging for every little thing, every little change, and God forbid if you had to replace a phone. Now we’re free! I only wish we switched earlier!

  5. Phone Contract is the worst element in our lives. The ones who are not involved in this trap they are safe and they should keep themselves away from it too. thanks for sharing this master piece.

  6. I just left Verizon postpaid for cricket(runs on att network). It’s been a great switch and saves a lot of money. I never plan on using Verizon cell service ever again. Too expensive, too restrictive, and they treat loyal customers like garbage. Now I just need my fios contract to end so I can ditch that also. Will be nice to cut Verizon loose all the way around.