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How to Easily Find Big Discounts on Amazon Every Day

I am a huge fan of shopping on Amazon, not only because I’m a Prime member, but also due to Amazon warehouse deals! I mentioned this little known section of Amazon before in one of my early posts

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Why NOW Is The Best Time To Think About Summer Camps

I realize that it is only January and that summer is a far off mirage. However, I have learned that if I don’t start start thinking about summer camps for my kids now then we will likely be left

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Do You Love a Good Sale? Don’t Let Them Get the Best of You!

Being in marketing, I understand that if you want to get something to sell, you need to discount it or at least perceive that you are providing a discount. Oops, I said it. Not all sales are actually

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Our Lust for Deals Has Destroyed Christmas

Look, I love the holidays just as the next person. The cold weather (love it), the Christmas decorations, and the time off from work. OK, that last part doesn’t really exist anymore now that I’m

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Is Holiday Shopping With Credit Cards Right For You?

With the passing of Turkey Day, the official beginning of the holiday shopping season starts! There are sales EVERYWHERE! Retailers are doing their best to get your attention and get you into their stores

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How to Price Match on Amazon to Save Money

Have you ever wondered about an Amazon price match? I know I have. Many of the largest retailers around will price match other retailers. Walmart is known for this. BestBuy started doing it last year

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Don’t Have Amazon Prime? Here’s How to Get Free Shipping

I’ve been writing and blogging about ways to save money for almost three years now. It’s something close to my heart as I work through ways to cut more costs in our household. Good money management

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Why Sometimes Leasing a New Car is the Way to Go

One of the cars we had been driving was a 1999 Toyota Camry. Not that it hadn’t been a good car to us, because it had, but it had gotten to the point where it was no longer reliable and that was

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How to Teach Your Children the Value of Money – Shopping For Groceries

Let’s face it that teaching children about money can be an experience that makes you want to bang your head against the wall sometimes. Especially when they want everything, all the time, right

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How to See Scary Savings on Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again! Time for the kids to start begging for all of the newest and coolest bloody weapons of choice and princess costumes. Yep, it’s Halloween time again! I personally am not

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