time warner cable logoFor those who don’t know, we have been a cable-free household for two years now.  We made the change when our bill was hovering around $120.  I wasn’t watching TV much and my wife didn’t really care for the programming.  We never felt the bill was justified when we only watched four channels our of the 200+.  We switched off our cable TV package and I bought an indoor HD antenna.  It was one of the best investments I could have purchased.  It cost me $30 at the time and I was saving $80 per month without cable.  Over the two years, we have saved $2,050 since we cut the cord. Yes, that is $2,050!  I like having that money back.  With my Mohu Leaf antenna, I am able to get about 25 channels at my house.  I don’t pay any monthly fee. I did buy two more antennas for our other TVs, but that was paid for by the savings.

Since I still use the internet, I have had to keep my connection with Time Warner Cable. They are the only one who provides “reliable” internet in our area.  I have shown my disdain for them on this blog, ever since they started charging modem rental fees.  Having internet access with them requires me to call them up every year and ask for a new deal. They try to raise my bill by 50% every year.  It’s a damn fight all the time, but I get it back down. I’m not paying more for the same service.  Not doing it!

Because of my internet plan, they love to call and send promotional mail to my house on a regular basis.  They want me to upgrade and get phone and TV service. Nope!  I have no interest.  Well, the other day, I got one of their promo mailers, so I opened it up out of curiosity.  I’m glad I did.

Time Warner Now Sells Starter TV

I was shocked to find out that TWC is not selling a “starter” tv package.  This intrigued me as it was on a special for only $10 per month.  The price was the extent of my curiosity.  It appears Time Warner is trying to charge people for what they can get for free.

Their Starter TV package literally includes the same channels I get for free over the air.  Yes, they want to charge me $10 per month to access these channels along with their equipment.  I assume this equipment is just a simple decryption box that allows your TV to just show those channels.

Are You Kidding Me?

I know that $10 per month might look like a good deal to some, but you can get those channels for free over the air. All you need is an antenna, which you can get for about $30!  Yes, there are some places which can’t get good coverage, so this plan might work for them.

The best part is their plan is actually $20 per month, but the special is $10. After a year the price goes back up to $20 per month.  I could buy a new antenna and have it paid off with the savings in three to four months.  Then I have no other recurring expenses.

I’m not a fan of this plan as I want people to know they might be able to get the same channels for free with just a simple antenna. As stated before, I recommend the Mohu Leaf.  It’s awesome and thin as a piece of paper. It’s cheap, but works well.  Just buy the thing off Amazon and try to get TV channels.  Most newer TVs already can handle digital stations, so you won’t need any additional equipment.  If you can’t pick up any channels, then return it.  Look for one that is amplified. I have a Mohu Leaf Amplified Antenna and it works even better for those hard to reach signals. If none work, then return them and then think about the Starter package.

I just want people to know you have options. Why not try a cheap antenna and save $10 per month or $120 per year?  Why not see if you can score more channels and then don’t have to worry about an additional money going out of your pocket.  I don’t like seeing companies charge for services we can get for free, but that is how the free market works.  My goal is to make sure you just know you can get it for free. It’s up to you to go from here with the information!


What do you think about this new “Starter” plan from Time Warner Cable?  I’m not a fan!