The Easy Road Often Leads to Failure

Today, I’m giving out a harsh reality check that most people need to hear. No matter if you’re in debt, looking to make more money, trying to save your hard earned cash, investing, or building a business, you need to listen up for a minute. Take some time to read through this article and soak it in. I do this for your well-being. I want you to be successful at anything you try, but I also want to make sure I don’t get your hopes up or give you something to strive for that might be almost impossible to achieve. Remember, we should all have goals, but we need a healthy dose of reality from time to time to make sure we’re not just setting ourselves up for failure. Everyone fails and you should expect it, but we can only fail so many times before it becomes demoralizing. So, are you ready for this little dose of goodness?

Stop Looking for the Easy Road to Success!

Did you read that? Well, read it again just for a second and soak it all in.

I’m serious here too. If you don’t know about me or what I do, I work for myself. I’ve been self-employed for a little over a year. While I don’t have a ton of experience with running businesses (OK, I actually do), I do know one thing about them. They are freaking hard work. Part of my current business is spending time on Facebook. A lot of time on Facebook. I help many new (and experienced) bloggers with technical issues. It’s my specialty. I run a WordPress support and maintenance business and I think I’m pretty good at it. That’s what 13 years of experience will get you.

While I’m on Facebook, I see time and time again people asking for quick wins. They want to know how to make money fast, how to run a million dollar business, or how to get new clients quickly. Those are the wrong questions. Fast and business don’t mix well. Thought out and controlled is how a business grows and stays growing. By the way, there are no “overnight” successes. I’m a four year “overnight” success. I built my business on the side for four years before I left my full-time job to run it. Yes, I hustled on the side every day for four years to build something I’m proud of and that supports my family.

By the way, if you’re skeptical of my resume, that’s fine. I’ll make sure to enjoy my six-figure income with my family and be able to travel where I want and work from anywhere. I’m not telling you this to boast. I’m telling you this to say that having something you want is very possible, but it takes a lot of work.

Success Takes Work…Accept It!

When I’m in Facebook groups helping other bloggers, I always see things like “I need to make $1,000 in a day” or “I need to add new clients to my services fast.” These are the wrong questions to ask. If you need $1,000 in one day, you’re going to be hard pressed to get it without resorting to illegal activities. People who earn $1,000 in a day have been perfecting their craft for years. It won’t happen quickly. It won’t happen fast. Sorry to burst your bubble. I just like to be honest with people.

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I’ve been talking a lot about entrepreneurs, but the same goes for people trying to pay down debt, invest, make more money (see this the most), or save money. These are all things we’d love to do quickly. I didn’t pay down my debt quickly. In fact, it took about four years. It could have been quicker, but I chose to save and pay down debt at the same time. You might see some people paying off a lot of debt quickly, but these people are usually saving or creating a plan months ahead of time to do such things. Most goals reached are not done so quickly. They have plans laid out, forks to navigate, and bumps to drive over. There aren’t many things easy in life and success is one of them.

If You Want It, Fight For It

No matter your goal in life, you have to fight for it. You have to keep fighting for it in order to succeed. Those who succeed don’t give up in the face of failure. Just like in sales where you’ll get one yes for every ten nos, you have to keep fighting for that one yes. It only takes one yes to reach success.

When I was on the fence about leaving my full-time job, it took both my father and wife to give me words of encouragement. It was mainly my wife who asked what I was working so hard for if I wasn’t planning on leaving my job. She was right. I basically had two full-time jobs and I was afraid to jump on the other side of the fence because of the fear of failure. I wanted to succeed so bad, but I wasn’t sure if I was up for fighting for it. I’m glad she was there to give me the nudge I needed. Now, I’ll fight for my success day in and day out. Even if it’s threatened by the potential loss of our healthcare.

Reaching your definition of success is not going to be easy. Getting to every money, life, or business goal is not going to be easy. Everything takes work. It’s not quick, it’s not glamorous, and there will be failure along the road. Get back up, dust yourself off, and keep on going. If you want it badly enough, you will fight for it. You will pour every ounce you have into reaching your goals. Just don’t let social media throw you off your horse. It has a way of doing just that. Too many sell the dream, but very few are actually living it.

The Easy Road Doesn't Lead to Success

Don’t Get Discouraged

OK, I feel I might have made you feel that your dream/goal isn’t possible. Don’t think that. I just want everyone to realize the easy road isn’t really a good thing to strive for. If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it right? If creating a successful business was easy, everyone would have one (and then it would be hard to compete). If paying off all your debt was so easy, everyone would be debt free (I wish I could see this day). If saving money for your next vacation or your dream home was so easy, we’d all live in houses we loved and we would’ve paid for them all in cash!

I think you’re getting my drift here or at least I hope you are. The big things we wan to accomplish in life typically don’t come easy. Instead of wasting your time trying to figure out how to make $1,000 in a day, why not try to figure out how to make $50 in one day (here are some ways to do just that). Instead of trying to pay off all your debt in one month, pick a smaller goal like $2,000 in one month and see if you can do it.

Small and actionable goals win the race. You have to climb each rung on the ladder to reach your bigger goal. It’s much easier than trying to jump up without touching any rungs. Always have big goals, but small/actionable goals to achieve them.

Last, but not least, go out there and kick butt. Don’t let anyone tell you no and continue fighting hard for what you want. Just stop looking for the easy road. It usually won’t work out for you!

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  1. It’s true, success takes ALOT of work. But it’s a shame that a lot of that work is never recognized or praised. Casey Neistat who’s a huge youtuber recently did a great video on this and why jealous people who didn’t put in the hard work often use the term sellout for those that did.

    1. You’re right. Even those who put in a ton of work try to sell other a dream of making money and they don’t tell them all the work they put in the back end. Too many selling a dream that’s very hard to achieve for most because they don’t have all the information.

  2. We need more advice out there like this, Grayson. We live in a society where everyone wants everything swiftly, but good things come in due time once we put in the work. Very good advice!

  3. Thank you for emphasizing that it takes time and effort. It really does. When you take the hard way, the possibility of being success of it is higher as we need to go through some challenges and take some valuable experience needed down the road. And, I think there is some fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment.

  4. I work harder now that I’m self-employed than I ever did at a traditional 9-to-5 but love every minute of it.

    Great post and some smart advice. Small and actionable steps is the key, especially so you don’t get discouraged and constantly see yourself making progress. Find something you enjoy doing and don’t mind putting the time in to truly become an expert, success will follow.

  5. I’m not fully self-employed just yet but am working on it. It’s indeed a struggle, but I already know it’s worth the trouble. Having entrepreneur friends helps a lot! It’s very inspiring to personally know someone who “made it”, makes you think twice when wanting to call it quits and take the easy road.

    1. You have the right attitude and I’ll welcome you over to the self-employed world when you get there fully. It’s a different place than many realize.