Credit Cards are Not EvilI wrote a post over at Sprout Wealth today titled “Why Credit Cards are Not Evil.”  I really do believe this statement.  Though everyone is surely entitled to their opinion, I have lived through credit card debt.  I have played the game, yet I don’t blame the credit card for any of my problems.  I got into the credit card game and I played the game wrong.  I used my credit cards in ways that they weren’t supposed to be used and I paid the price.  My credit card debt cost me four years of hard work and cutting back, but I got out of it.  I never once blamed my credit card debt on anyone else, but myself.  It wasn’t the credit card companies fault for giving me the credit limit they did.  It was my fault for using all they gave me.  I am just asking people to stop blaming credit cards for your debt!

I have always been honest here on Debt Roundup. That is what I am all about.  My readers have seen what my life is about and how I handle things.  I have been reading stories here and there and talking to people about credit card debt.  One main sticking point that I hear is typically how the credit card company screwed this person or that person.  How the credit card allowed them to rack up enormous amounts of debt.  This deflecting of blame onto an object just irritates me.  You can’t blame a credit card for your problems.  It didn’t do it.  It doesn’t just jump out of your wallet and scan itself at the cash register.  It doesn’t just decide to not pay itself off each month and float balances.  A credit card is just a tool in your financial toolbox. It is entirely up to you on how you use it.