Social Deals can save you money

Ever since starting this blog, I’ve been afforded many opportunities to try different financial tools and services. I typically hold my ear close to the ground to find new services popping up around me. If you not careful, you can let a good thing fly right by you. I like to be an early adopter for most things. I like getting my hands dirty in building and testing technology. It’s probably why I always say that starting this blog changed my life. It really did!

For those who subscribe to my free newsletter, I give away a little guide on five tools that changed my life. These tools were essential in helping me overcome my debts and get out on the other side. Having said that, there are many other tools I’ve used and still use to this day. It’s why I have a resources page to show you the helpful tools I find. One service I need to put on there is called Dealspotr (Deal Spotter). While this might look like just any ordinary deal/coupon site, it’s much more than that and I’ve had the opportunity to dig in and dissect it a bit. For those who love deals and coupons, you might want to read through this Dealspotr review. I think you will like it.

If you’d like to skip the read and just see my video review, head down to the bottom of the post!

What is Dealspotr?

Dealspotr is basically your social feed for deals. It’s a social network in its own right, but the focus is on deals and coupons. It uses a large community of deal seekers and couponers to supply the large majority of what you see on the site. Why does this work? They put the work in the hands of the people who do it best. Socially curated deals are often some of the best ones you’ll find online. Many other coupon sites (I can name too many) just get coupons and deals from the retailers and re-post them. They can go stale, be wrong, or just not good deals.

That’s where Dealspotr looks to change things around. They are really taking deals to a social realm. Here is a little about what they think their mission is.

We designed Dealspotr with this goal in mind: to connect shoppers (people looking for products) with couponers (people who understand the nitty gritty of how to save). We believe that by applying our expertise in product design and engineering we could build something new, innovative, and useful for the couponing world. While we’re still in the early stages, we think we’ve developed something that gives us a great start.

In a nutshell, they are using their powerful deal-seeking network to help out other people with the desire to save money. I could have used this site when I was in debt. While I’m handy at finding coupons, I feel I spend most of my time figuring out if the deal is even good or not. This is why I like Dealspotr and what they’re doing to the deal/coupon space.

Dealspotr Home Page

What Makes Dealspotr Different?

When I first came across the site after returning from a financial blogging conference, I wasn’t sure why I would take the time to use the site. I’ve been active on RetailMeNot for some time and the many other coupon sites. I even have my own coupon section here on Debt Roundup. My time is valuable (at least to me), so I needed to see the value proposition.

I’m not one to talk about a service without testing the water first, so I signed up for a free account. This gave me access to the dashboards and learn more about their system function. After a day of using it, I was impressed. Here’s why.

  • It’s a money-saving social network. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and a few others. While they all serve their specific purpose, they don’t save me money. Hell, they don’t even save me time. I’m a financial blogger, so saving money is what I like to talk about. This is why I was intrigued by Dealspotr. You can follow people just like other networks, but you can choose those who find deals at store you like and want to shop. No need to follow people only sharing deals at sporting goods stores when all you shop are boutiques.
  • You’re rewarded for sharing. While some other sites reward you for being a part of the site, Dealspotr takes it to another level. They give you points (Karma) which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. Since being on the site for a few months, I already received two gift cards. They give you points for posting deals, following other couponers, following stores/brands, voting on deals, and commenting on deals. Basically, they reward you for being an active member of their community. Nice!
  • You’re in control! One feature I really like is how I can choose what stores I want to follow. When I do that, I just see those type of deals in my home feed when I log in. Couple that with following other deal seekers who share based on my interests, I’m in control of what I see on Dealspotr. I get targeted deals and coupons right when I need them.
  • It’s curated by people who love saving money. Unlike other sites where deals can be added in bulk and there is little checking to see if the deal is legit, Dealspotr uses its vast network of money-saving lovers to keep their deals honest. If you post a deal that is not valid, other people will know about it pretty quickly. If you try to game the system to gain karma points, it’s pretty easy to tell. Dealspotr is a network for people who want to save money from people who love to save money. That’s like a match made in financial heaven!

How Does Dealspotr Work?

If you are intrigued by the service as much as I was when I was first introduced, then I’d say go sign up for a free account. Getting your hands dirty inside is much easier than reading about it, but to keep this interesting, here is a little breakdown on how Dealspotr works and how you would interact with it once you signed up.

What the Dealspotr homepage looks like

I might have gotten a little carried away with my red arrows and boxes here, but let me explain a few things before you leave in disgust. This is what Dealspotr looks like when you’re not logged into their system.

Yes, you can search for deals and coupons without an account, so don’t worry there. The home page shows a feed of deals/coupons much like a Twitter feed. It’s defaulted to “Trending Deals” across their entire base. You can also change the filter via the left box to “Popular Deals” or “Latest Deals.

You can go even further by filtering for specific stores, categories, types of deals, or even who posted it. As you seen in the screenshot, @savingmama posted 106 deals in one day. That’s quite active if you ask me.

If you know the store you want to find, then you can just search for it to make your life easier and the system will bring up all of the coupons/deals available. No matter what you’re looking for, you can get there from the home page. Having said that, it could be a little overwhelming for first-time users to the site. There are a lot of places to draw your eye, but I’ve definitely seen much worse. The clean lines and design make up for it.

You can sign up for Dealspotr by clicking on the big “Sign Up” button in the upper right of your screen. You’re allowed to sign up through your Facebook login or by creating one with an email and password. I went with the email route.

Dealspotr dashboard

Once you log into Dealspotr, you’re greeted with a screen much like the home page. While the filtering is still there, they have now added a “People I’m Following” and “Store I’m Following” filter that makes your money saving life much easier. When I log in, I typically switch the filter to “Stores I’m Following” to see if Amazon or the many other stores I look at has a deal that might interest me. This is the feature I really like about Dealspotr. I can see what I want to see and keep the clutter out of my life.

It also shows my current Karma level and how many points I need to reach the next level. On top of that, they show me the reward for reaching the next level. Here comes a $30 Amazon gift card!

What are Karma Points?

Dealspotr offers a points system to their members. These are given to you when you do specific things. Right now, you can earn Karma posting for:

  • Adding a profile image and bio
  • Commenting on a deal
  • Posting your first deal
  • Following 10 people
  • Following at least 20 stores
  • Adding deals regularly
  • Flagging deals
  • Adding deals for sites whom have little coupons/deals already posted

I’m sure there are other ways, but these are generally the most used throughout the community. Karma allows you to go through different levels. You start out as a novice deal seeker, but then you can go through all the way to Legend! This would be a great place to get to, especially since it comes with a $500 Amazon gift card!

Dealspotr Karma points

As you can see, I just became a Pro, but have a long way to go before I’m an Expert. I’m glad Dealspotr rewards me with something I can use and for being an active member of the community. That’s how you grow your user base and the number of deals you have listed. Use your network and reward them for using your service. Great business model!

How to Add a Deal on Dealspotr

Since some like to call me the King of Amazon savings, those are the deals I like to post on Dealspotr. If you didn’t know anything about my Amazon knowledge, then here are a few tidbits for you…

OK, that’s probably enough Amazon for right now. Let me show you the process of adding a deal/coupon to Dealspotr. It’s not that difficult, but there are a few steps involved. This might throw some off of the idea of curating deals, but I don’t think it’s too bad.

Click the “+Add Deal” Button

Adding a deal on Dealspotr

The easiest way to add a deal is the click this button, which is on the sticky menu on any page of Dealspotr. There is also one in the left sidebar on most pages. Either way, you can add a deal with ease.

Choose the Type of Deal

Choose the type of deal to post

Are you posting a deal about a specific product or one that might encompass multiple categories or the entire store? Choose what’s most appropriate based on what you plan on sharing with others.

I’m going to walk you through a single product deal. The other works in the same manner with a few extra inputs.

Add Your Information

A deal is only as powerful as its information. If you’re vague with your description or with how the deal works, then it won’t be a good deal. It won’t help people save money and that’s not the point of this platform. The more you can provide, the better!

Dealspotr deal step 1

You can start typing in the store name and the Dealspotr system will try to match it to a store they have in their system. You can only post deal for stores they currently have listed on their site. There are a lot of them.

The product manufacturer is optional, but if you know it, then include it. As the same with the store, once you start typing, the system will give you options to match it to manufacturers they already have listed in the system.

Enter the product name/description as this is the helpful stuff people need to know. What is the product name? What’s the color? How many come in a pack? All of this information should be in there.

You will need to include the link to the product you’re listing. This is how people find your deal.

Once you’re done, click the “Continue” button.

Dealspotr Step 2 deal details

Here you enter the pricing details. In the first drop down, you can choose from “Best Online Price,” “Amazon Price,” or “Retailer’s List Price.” If you’re putting up a deal on Amazon, many times this will just be the “Retailer’s List Price,” which is listed on all Amazon product pages.

You then just have to enter the final price details. The “Dollars off” and “Percent off” will be automatically calculated for you. If you only have one of those pieces and not the final price, you can enter that as well. You can enter just one of those three pieces of information. ┬áMake sure to check the “Includes Free Shipping” box if the price does in fact include free shipping.

Click the “Continue” button.

Dealspotr Adding a deal step 3

Here is where you’ll enter the process for someone to get the deal. If it’s a promo code, check the box and enter it. If it’s a printable, rebate, or even other, just check the box and enter the information. For instant price deals, you can just use other and write in the description box. You can click on multiple things if a deal has a coupon, plus a rebate.

Click the “Continue” button.

Dealspotr step 4 verify deal

Last, but not least, you will need to review and then post the deal. Here is your chance to make sure you have all the correct information, but also you can add a product image for the deal and even a start/end date. Once you have it all, you can click the “Finish and Post” button.

Before your deal is posted, the system will do a quick check to make sure it’s not a duplicate. If you’re posting a coupon code, it is checked the moment you enter the coupon code. If it’s already in the system, it will notify you like below.

Dealspotr coupon validation

Once you completed all of those steps, your deal will go live and you will get some Karma points for adding to the community! You can then go on to post another deal or find something applicable to you.

Dealspotr Isn’t all Rainbows and Unicorns

While I like Dealspotr and I think it’s a great concept, their system is not without flaws. They use reviews like this to gain valuable feedback on their system, so I want to do them a favor and show them things I dislike. These are just personal preference items, but I think it could make the system better.

Make adding deals seamless and quick

Most people won’t take the time to go through four steps in order to add a deal to a site. While they don’t know how much data is truly needed, I think many people are just going to pass this along and look for another site. This, in turn, puts a burden on the deal seekers and couponers to add most of the curated deals. This can get time consuming and burnout can happen. If you’re going to be a social media site for deals, then you need your entire community contributing to the better of all deal seekers.

Four steps is just too many. Maybe just put all of the steps in one quick and simple form. Why are there four clicks that need to happen after each form?

Create a drap-and-drop user dashboard

I love creating my own dashboards for services. I think Dealspotr could really do something cool with it. I want to see deals from specific sites, but also look for deals in specific categories and from those I follow. I would be cool to see a drag-and-drop interface where I can add these specific widgets onto my home page. Whenever I log into Dealspotr, those widgets will be there with awesome money saving opportunities. Ah, do you hear the savings angels singing?

Define “Freshness” a little better

While I get the concept of “freshness” when it comes to coupons and deals, I’ve found the ratings don’t make sense all of the time. I found a deal on Kmart that had a 79% freshness rating, but another post before it had a 100% freshness rating. None had expiration dates, so this was confusing. What exactly does “freshness” mean?

Be careful of what you reward

Offering rewards to your community is awesome and I applaud it, but be very careful in what you actually reward people for. Following others, posting deals, flagging bad ones, and the such are important, but commenting might not be. I’ve been some useless comments on many deals such as “awesome deal” or “this is great!” These aren’t useful comments. These shouldn’t get Karma points. I say this because I could write a macro in a few minutes that would comment on as many deals as I set it up for. These comments would be generic and useless for other people wanting to know more about the deal.

Just be careful in what you’re rewarding your community for.

How Can DealSpotr Help You Save More?

What a question! I’ve been using Dealspotr for a couple of months. Not only am I an avid deal seeker, but I also want to save the most money possible. I do believe the platform can really help anyone save more money while they shop online (and offline). Coupons are essential in this day and age. Retailers are putting on more sales to entice consumers to shop. We’re slowly getting the upper hand when it comes to pricing because we have the power of the internet.

Services like Dealspotr help us stretch our tight budgets further. I believe the social curation of deals and coupons is one of the best methods to save. You can connect to other like-minded individuals who love saving as much as you do. People often find the best deals possible and this provides a place for them to share with others. You seek, you save, you share. That’s what Dealspotr is all about. It’s your social network for deals, coupons, and saving money.

As the Dealspotr network and user base grows, it’s only going to get better. There will be more interaction with members, better deals being found, more content being created, and more money being saved. That’s the ultimate goal here. When people help each other save money, the possibilities are endless and the outcomes are exciting.

What do you think about Dealspotr? Would you sign up for a free account to save some money?

If you just want to see Dealspotr in action, check out my video review below.

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