Simple Savings Sunday

Welcome back to another edition of Simple Savings Sunday!  For those that aren’t aware, my wife and I are looking to buy a home right now. Our home is in the sales process, so we have been looking at homes every night. This process is exhausting.  The area we want to move to is a hot market.  It is hard to find homes and when we do, they are picked up in a day or two.  We have been looking at homes that don’t even have pictures, just because we have no idea if they are good or not.  It is a hot market here my friends.  For this very reason, I want to apologize for not being around as much.  Until we finish this home selling and buying process, I am going to be just in and out.  Sorry, but that is the way it is.

Today, I wanted to speak about a mentality that I hear quite a lot about.  In the US, we have a mentality that is all about just replacing an item when it breaks.  Very few of us actually try to go and repair said item.  For this, I want to speak about the “just replace it” mentality.  This simple savings Sunday post is about trying to repair an item before you scrap it.  By just taking the time to figure out why an item broke might lead you to a path of how to fix it.  Just don’t jump to conclusions.

The main thing to learn from a repair/replace debate is the associated cost.  Depending on the item, it will be much cheaper to try and repair.  Then there are some items where it is more cost effective to just replace it.  What everyone should so is actually have this debate.  By taking some time to make a clear decision around replacing an item or repairing it, then you can be sure you made the right choice.  I have repaired items that only cost me a dollar or two.  The new item would have cost me $50.  I consider that a win.

I have a few friends that will just throw out any broken item and then go buy a new one or the upgrade if available.  I think this is an extreme waste.  These same friends also do not know how to do many DIY projects on their own.  They have no idea how to do many of the basic things that I would expect many people to know.  Even if you can’t repair it, I consider those times to be worthwhile.  Many repair projects are great learning experiences and I do love learning!

So this Sunday, don’t just go right out and replace a broken item.  Take some time to research what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it.  If it is more cost effective to repair, then do it.  If it will cost less to replace, then do it.  Just don’t go “well, it’s broken!  Let’s go buy another one!”  This type of mentality just irritates me.

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  1. We have become pros at the fix it mentality, Grayson, and it really has saved us a ton of money, most recently on a new heater for our garage. A new heater would’ve easily cost us a grand, and it’s old, so we could’ve easily justified a new purchase. But instead, Rick researched likely issues and fixed it himself- for 50 bucks. BIG save there.

  2. Seems like we are always fixing something around the house. We did replace the 50-year-old furnace and water heater when they died, but I have gotten pretty good at appliance repair. YouTube is great for DIY videos.

  3. Grayson, first, thanks so much for the mention! I appreciate it – as you said, the help of others is so crucial to building a blog and brand. So, I thank you! Second, I love this post. My boyfriend is “fixing up” his house to get it ready to sell, and before this post I hadn’t given much thought to the replace it versus fix it mentalities. Now, I’m going to send the link to him 🙂 As always, great work.

    1. Well, I thank you Natalie! We are in the process of selling our home. I did a lot of the fixes myself, while my wife wanted to replace things or call in the pros. I like to try my hand at it before I pay the big bucks!