On August 1st, 2015, Amazon changed the way they allow you to share your Amazon Prime account. You are no longer able to share with people outside of your household, unless you want to provide them with direct access to use your credit card associated with your Prime account. You can learn more from our this post.

Shopping Guide - Sharing Amazon Prime AccountDid you know you can share your Amazon Prime account benefits with up to four family members?  This is an unknown benefit of Amazon Prime that many don’t know.  This is why I’m sharing this in my new guides series. Welcome to this shopping guide where I show you how to share your Amazon Prime benefits with other people. For those who don’t know, Amazon Prime is a membership service from Amazon.com.  This service provides members with free two-day shipping, along with access to Kindle lending library and Amazon Instant Video.  I am an Amazon Prime member and have been for some time. I got in when they were charging $79 per year, but they have just increased the price to $99 per year.  Depending on how much you buy on Amazon, this could be a great service for you.  While the benefits of Amazon Prime are great, you can also share those benefits with family members.  There are some caveats, but here they are.

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Sharing Your Amazon Prime Account Benefits

Amazon easily allows you to share you Prime account benefits.  They do have two stipulations with regards to this process though.  Here they are.



*I have been sharing my Prime account with my father.  He doesn’t live in the same household, but has been able to get free two-day shipping for some time.  I don’t know how strict this rule is.

In order to share your Amazon Prime account with someone in your family, you will need to log into your Prime Account.  Once you do that, you should follow these steps.


  • Find the “Invite a Household Member” Link at the bottom of your Prime home page.
    Share Your Amazon Prime Benefits
  • You can share your benefits by entering the name, relationship, email, and birthday of the person you want to share with.  Please note that the person you want to share with must know your birthday in order to confirm.  You must also enter your birthday.
    Inviting a Member to Use Your Amazon Prime


It is really just that easy.  It only takes a few clicks and your household members can enjoy free and fast shipping from Amazon.  I do get the question from some who ask why you would want to share your Prime benefits with other household members.  That is fairly easy to answer.  Some people don’t like to share their entire Amazon account with others.  You might have your account setup the way you want it with your credit cards and someone else might have theirs in a different configuration.  If you share your Prime benefits, then you don’t have to have two Prime accounts for people in the same household.  My wife can order on her Amazon account and just use my Prime benefits.  She doesn’t have to pay for a Prime account for herself, which would be a waste of money.

Have you thought about sharing your Amazon Prime account with anyone?  Did you know this feature existed?

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