Ways to Earn Cash Back

How You Can Earn Cash Back

Everyone loves to earn cash back, right? I know that I look for each and every way to earn money back when I go shopping. This page is a resource that will show you how to earn back back when you shop both online and offline. These resources are places that I have used before in the past. They include cashback sites, coupon sites, and cash back credit cards. I plan on adding many different resources to this list as I encounter them. If you know of a good way to earn cash back while shopping, please contact me!



EbatesEbates is one of the best online cash back sites out there. I use it whenever I shop online. They have over 1,700 popular online retailers. It is free to sign up and really easy to do your regular shopping. You can save up to 40% when using this program.  This should be as one of your bookmarks!  You can also checkout my Ebates review.

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Top Cash BackTop Cash Back boasts over 2,600 stores where you can earn generous cash back on your purchases. They have all of the big brands and the cash back comes back to you in the form of a rebate.  That money can then be transferred into your checking account, Amazon payments account, or Paypal.  This site is easy to use and they really do have great cash back offers.

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Mr. Rebates is very similar to Ebates. You get to shop online at your favorite stores and earn cash back. These are called rebates, but they are essentially cash back for shopping at your favorite stores. You can get a free account at Mr. Rebates as well.

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Big Crumbs is a cash back and online coupon site. They also have a great community with a forum.  They operate in the US, Canada, UK, and a few other places.  If you want to earn cash back at stores around you, then check them out.  Big Crumbs also offers something that other cash back website do not. They call it “CrumbShares.”  It is a novel idea where you earn “shares” equal to the amount of cash back you have earned. If they ever sell the company, then they will set aside money to pay their members. You will be paid based on how many CrumbShares you have.  You get one share per dollar in cash back.

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Upromise is a great service that offers you cash back for shopping online like the others. The difference with Upromise is that they give you cash back into a college savings account. You can get it put into your child’s 529 account or they can send you a check. I use Upromise when I want to put more money into my son’s college savings fund. I couple this with the Upromise MasterCard and earn even more cash back!  You can read the full Upromise review as well.

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