When you should and shouldn't spluge on personal care items

When you’re trying to trim your budget, you need to look at every item you spend money on to determine the cost of what you are paying for.

For example, when I re-evaluate my budget and expenses, I question whether the item is going to save me money or not and if it can be used in more than one way. That includes self-care.

I’ve been working hard to prioritize self-care in my budget and in my daily schedule and I’ve found that there are at least 2 self-care things that are worth the money. But there are also a lot of things that aren’t worth paying for (in my opinion). Here’s what I’ve found to be worth it and a few things that are a waste of money.

Self-Care Things That Are Worth It:

Healthy Food

The saying goes that we are what we eat and it’s pretty true. If junk is what goes into your body, you aren’t going to feel good and your health can suffer. The extra money spent on healthy food could be a trade-off for future medical bills you might be able to avoid due to obesity and other health issues.

Essential Oils and Natural Remedies

I’m pretty sure not everyone will agree on this, but I feel like essential oils and natural remedies can be worth it. I used to be a skeptic, but I decided to try some in various applications and have found that they work quite well for me. I’m not saying they can cure every ailment and I still plan to see the doctor when I need to, but I’ve found that they can help with some of my minor health ailments.

Self-Care Things That Are Not Worth It:


Getting a massage for no real reason is a waste of time and money. However, some people swear by them for pain relief from migraines, stress, and other maladies. In those situations it might be worth the money.

Gym Memberships

Some might argue that gym memberships should be put in the “worth it” category because exercise can help to improve your health. I agree, but you can exercise without paying a gigantic gym membership fee and still get the health benefits.

Manicures and Pedicures

I used to get them both pretty regularly, but now I only occasionally indulge for a real treat. The rest of the time, I do my own manicures and pedicures at home to save money.

Hair Salons

Some services, such as getting a hair trim, you might still need to do regularly, but hair color, perms, and some other services are expensive and unnecessary. You might feel it necessary to color your hair when you reach a certain age, but you could always try home coloring kits to save some money or find a beauty school in your area instead of paying big bucks at a regular salon. I’ve also had pretty good luck with budget hair salons, like Great Clips.

When you are cutting your budget for self-care, deciding what is worth paying for and what isn’t can be different for everyone depending on your own circumstances. But I strongly encourage you to at least take a look at where you are spending your money so you can better decide which self-care things are worth the money for you and which aren’t.

What self-care things are worth the money for you? Which ones have you cut from your budget?

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  1. Definitely agree on the manis and pedis especially. I can save a ton of time and money by doing it myself. It is a fun treat once in awhile for special occasions but I limit it to be just that – a treat!

  2. Have to say i don’t necessarily agree on the hair salon, but I’m middle aged and gray with an allergy to OTC hair dye. A regular dye job and hair cut make me feel a lot better about myself (and make the difference in looking like my kid’s mother instead of her grandma.)

  3. I exercise at home and at the gym. I must say that it’s worth it, maybe for girls, it is not. It’s really different when you are using a certain type of machine and it is easier to get the results I want using the machine.

  4. I will gladly pay for pedicures (I don’t bother with any kind of mani bc they never last, between all the computer tapping and messes/dishes to clean!). I pay $25 every 4 weeks for a gel pedicure. It stays nice and its 45 minutes of peace and quiet! I have tried many times to paint my own toes. It never looks as good and usually gets wrecked bc the only time I can do it is when my kids go to bed. Then it’s not enough time to cure and it gets ruined when I go to sleep. To be to put on sandals/flip flops or a hot pair of peep toes without disgusting people, I will pay the price!
    I also get my hair cut twice a year, but no coloring.
    I think it’s a matter of priorities and what feels good to an individual.