ask for a lower priceA few weeks ago I was with my buddy helping him in his yard.  That turned into us renting an aerator and preparing three lawns for the winter.  I am proud to report that my lawn is growing nicely and I am happy about it.  OK, sorry for the tiny tangent there, but the part of the story where this post comes from deals with services.  Where are you going with this Grayson?  Stick with me my friends.  My mind works in mysterious ways! My buddy moved into his house about a year ago and worked hard to fix it up. I was there for much of it and helped out doing a lot of things.  For those who are homeowners, you know what I’m talking about.  His house was in a cul-de-sac with a lot of trees. Unfortunately, those trees were providing too much shade and causing the yard to stay wet.  We have the same problem at our new house.  To take care of the issue, he called a tree trimming company to take down some of the bigger trees.  They did a great job, so good that his mother asked about pricing.

Want a Lower Price?  Just Ask!

It was the middle of the summer and the tree company gave her a quote for the number of trees.  The first question she asked them was “how can I get a better deal?”  She has always been frugal (not cheap) and it her question is right to the point.  Without missing a beat, the tree company told her if she didn’t need the trees cut down immediately, then to call them in the winter.  Their prices are lower in the winter because of less work.  Now that is what I am talking about. My friend’s mother saved nearly 50% by just asking a simple question.  She also learned something valuable and so did I.  If you are asking a service for a quote, never be afraid to ask for a discount or how you can get the service cheaper.  The tree company literally gave her the best time to call them for service.  They are slow in the winter and give discounts on what they provide. Who wouldn’t want to save 50% by doing almost nothing?

I Love to Negotiate, but Hate to Haggle!

No, this isn’t me.  Someone told me this the other day.  They said they love to negotiate a lower price, but hate haggling.  I believe it is the same exact thing, because it is.  Haggling is a dirty alternative to negotiating.  I think people only talk about the haggle when dealing with car dealerships.  So, car dealers made the word haggle dirty.  I am a fan of negotiating.  I will call it whatever you want as long as my price comes down.  There is nothing wrong with the art of negotiation and I have met quite a few people who are excellent at it. They will negotiate a price at Walmart and come out on top.  I can’t fault anyone for winning a pricing game with Walmart.

Just because you see a price sticker, doesn’t mean you have to pay it.  Yes, there are many places which will either laugh at you or tell you to get out.  The gas station is one of them.  They won’t negotiate a lower price for you.  You will have the best luck with getting lower prices from services than with products.  Companies which offer services tend to be flexible with their pricing. They might set it at a rate, but when you ask or “haggle” with them, they could lower it.  The price just provides the basis for starting the negotiation.

If you are a shy person and don’t like to start conflict, then haggling on price might not be for you.  You have to be stern with your request, but you can’t come off overbearing or acting like an a-hole.  That will get you shut down quickly.  I have used the walk-out method quite a few times with great success. It doesn’t work everywhere, but it has a good success ratio.  I have to feel the method is appropriate before I deploy it.  That is the same with any negotiating. You can’t just go in demanding lower prices. That is really not how it works.  Be polite after you hear the pricing and get a feel for the person you are speaking with.  You can go with your gut.  Negotiating works well if you do it right.  It can also backfire on you.


Have you ask anyone for a lower price and did it work?