If you are a first time reader here, then I will let you know that I LOVE infographics.  I am a very visual leaner, so if I can gain some knowledge through a picture, then I am going to do it.

I found this awesome, yet sad, infographic the other day and it really disturbed me.  Not only do American’s have an overeating problem, but we also overspend (much like our government).  According to the graphic below, the average American is spending $1.33 for every $1 earned.  Are you kidding me?  No wonder we have such a problem with debt, whether it be student loans, auto loans, home loans, or credit cards.

Take some time to soak in the data from the infographic.  The numbers might scare you, but also may not surprise you.  We need a change in our culture and we need it quickly.  If you are in debt and don’t want to be a statistic any longer, then think about joining the Debt Movement!

Overspending in America: Statistics and Facts

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