Mohu LeafI am updating this review as people have been asking me what type of antenna I use when I cut the cord.  I highly recommend the Mohu Leaf antenna.  It is quick to setup and easy to conceal. I actually have two at my house and my parents bought one as well.

Since I cut the cord, I have still been able to enjoy some of the major shows that my wife and I like to watch.  I didn’t go from cable to dish, but instead I decided to get my television free over the air with an antenna.  With a one time charge of around $40, I no longer have to pay for cable and I am able to pocket that money and put it in my high interest savings account.  I purchased my antenna from Mohu, the  makers of the Mohu Leaf.  This is the best selling over the air antenna on the market today and now I know why.


I am a large fan of easy to use products.  With the expansion of technology, it is becoming harder to start using a product right out of the box.  One reason I am a fan of the Mohu Leaf is how easy it is to setup.  You just take it out of the box, hook the cable up to your television, and then scan for channels.  Once it finds all the available ones, you just need to hook it up to the wall with the included velcro sticky pads.  There is nothing easier than setting up your Mohu Leaf antenna.  If you have questions, then check out Youtube for a few videos.  It really only takes about a minute.

Clean Design

With all of the over-the-air antenna’s on the market today, it is amazing how the Mohu looks so different.  If you look on Amazon for an antenna, you will find many wacky or complicated designs in order to “maximize” the amount of channels you will receive.  The Leaf’s design is what makes it stand out from the crowd.  Mohu created the leaf to look like a piece of paper, which includes a black and a white side.  The reason for the paper thin design is so you can easily incorporate into your existing design, or hide it behind a wall picture/painting.

I was easily able to put my Leaf on the wall in our television nook and you really cannot notice it.  While my nook is painted with a dark color, I believe that you could still easily hide this antenna without much trouble.  More people are complaining about the looks of their antenna’s and this is a major reason why more people don’t cut the cord.  Mohu has solved that issue with their clean design.

Product Selection

Mohu doesn’t just sell the Leaf, but they also have the Leaf 50, which was formally called Leaf Ultimate.  These all still use the same technology, but the amplified version allows you to get channels that might be just out of the range for the original leaf, but can be picked up with an amplifier*.  Mohu actually has a few other products as well, like a curved antenna.  You can check out to see all of their products.

Update: Mohu now as a separate antenna amplifier called Mohu Jolt.

The RoundUp

I easily understand why the Mohu Leaf is the number one selling antenna on the market today.  It is clean, easy to install, and just works.  There are many factors that will determine how well the antenna will work for you, but if you are thinking about cutting the cable cord, then check out the Leaf.  It is important to make sure you television can handle an antenna.  Check your television manual to make sure it includes a tuner.  If it does, then head over to AntennaWeb to see which channels you can receive at your home.

All of the websites that show which channels I could receive said that I could only get about 17, but when I hooked up the Mohu, it pulled in 25.  This seems to be the case with many Leaf owners with their overwhelming positive reviews.  With more channels than expected, a simple design, cheap cost, and no monthly fee, there is nothing that I don’t like about cutting the cord and purchasing the Mohu Leaf.  I am so impressed that I am purchasing a new one for my bedroom television.

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  1. I absolutely love my mohu leaf. I have tried about 6 different indoor antenna’s before I found the Leaf. I was skeptical because all of the other ones were only able to receive about 10 channels. Once I installed the leaf, I could pick up 17 channels. It is great and the best part is the price!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Antennawarrior. The Leaf is a great antenna and I can’t wait until I get new one comes in. I like being able to save a lot of money per month and still get to watch my television.

  2. Nothing can be more frustrating as an antenna not working. I once have to buy three different ones before I got a decent signal. The store wouldn’t give me a refund either. Lesson learnt, should of come here first lol.

    1. Hello Joanne,

      I agree. I have tested quite a few antenna’s, but nothing works like the Mohu leaf. It is awesome and that is why I have two.

  3. I ended up buying the Mohu Leaf when I cut the cord. It got all the major networks except for Fox because there was a mountain blocking most of the signal. I had to upgrade to the Clearstream 2 which is a lot beefier. If you are close to the towers though the Mohu works great!

    1. Sorry that it didn’t pick up Fox for you, but I guess a mountain would do it. Glad you were able to find a better upgrade.

    1. It is a great product Leonard. I have two of them and will probably get another for our guest room. There is nothing better than a cheap antenna that works well.

  4. I’ve had the Leaf since we cut the cord last September! We haven’t had any real issues with it and love it. We have one on both of our TV’s and wouldn’t look at a different little antenna if I ever needed another. It is always amazing to us that we can get these HD channels for free. Probably one of the most beneficial purchases we have made in a long time.

    1. I am with you there Thias! It is a great antenna with such a small footprint. If I ever need a more powerful one, I will just get their amplifier.

    1. The Mohu is awesome. Are you saying that you are missing one channel from the other Mohu leaf or just one channel in general? I have found that if I move the leaf around in different areas around the TV, I can pick up slightly different channels.

  5. The mohu antennas aren’t bad, but I lost a few channels when I moved from my old Yagi to the smaller antenna. I can understand it since it’s so much smaller, but still sucked to lose NBC. I added a tv antenna amplifier and it added back most of what I lost. Must have been just slightly out of range.

    1. Well, they are not as good as larger antennas. They do have better versions now that are amplified and can pick up distance. I have the basic version and it gets me 25 channels. I won’t complain about that.

  6. Just found this website – Thanks!
    I am looking at getting the Mohu leaf 30 (checked the website and should be able to get 22 channels).
    BUT in addition to the antennae, I would like to know what other equipment (Roku, Blu Ray, etc.) and software (Clear Stream, etc.) did anyone get? Am going to cut the cord due to expenses and want to get other input. Thank you!

    1. Hello Glenda!

      First, congrats on getting a Mohu. I have three of them and they work great. In addition, I have Netflix which I stream from my Xbox 360. If you don’t have one, I would recommend a Roku. They are great system and you can get more than just Netflix on it. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get that as well.