Jack of all trades, master of none

Like Grayson, I quit my job earlier this year to run my online business full-time instead. In the past few months since I quit my job, I’ve had lots of incredible opportunities come my way. In fact, I’ve had enough job offers and business offers that I’ve recently had to take some time to evaluate my business and where I’m going with it in the future.

Some business owners are incredibly talented at looking at the big picture and planning for the long-term. I’m not entirely sure if it’s an acquired skill or if it’s something they’ve always been good at, but it’s definitely something I’m working on developing myself. At first, my business was a side hustle I started to earn extra money. Then I finally realized that it had the potential to support me as a full-time job, but even then I wasn’t looking at the big picture, I was only looking at the bottom-line: how much money I was bringing in each month.

Now that I’ve got that part of my business pretty well secured with long-term clients and contracts, I’m able to focus more of my energy on the long-term success of my business. This is when I realized that my tendency to be a jack-of-all-trades isn’t necessarily a good thing for my business.

Pros and Cons of Being a Jack-of-all-Trades

At first, being a jack-of-all-trades can mean more clients and opportunities for your fledgling business. For example, you can pursue more types of jobs in different niches, which is a good thing when you are starting out. But eventually it can be hard to keep up with everything.

For the longest time my focus was on getting paid and I didn’t care whether my income came from freelance writing, or from being a virtual assistant. Of course I always wanted to work with good clients, but I didn’t care what they needed help with for their business, I could do it. Then my client list grew to the point that I was able to be more choosy about who I work with and what work I do.

I know this is something Grayson experienced too before he decided to stop focusing as much on freelance writing and more on his blog management business, which is what he truly enjoys doing. (And I must say, he rocks at it!)

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Pros and Cons of Offering Fewer Services

Once you make the switch from being a jack-of-all-trades to offering fewer services in your business, you’ll be able to put much more focus on your tasks and your niche. You’ll have more time to do research, learn new techniques, and keep up on the latest news in your industry. Offering fewer services is the easiest way to become an “expert” in your chosen field, niche, or task area.

Sometimes people worry that they’ll lose business, and income, by offering fewer services. In my experience, I’ve actually be able to more than make up for the clients and jobs I’ve given up or turned down by building a name for myself as an expert in the services I do choose to offer.

Overall, I think it’s better to narrow the focus of your business and offer fewer services so you can focus on becoming an expert instead of continuing to be a jack of all trades.

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  1. Great post Kayla, I like the way you compared this two strategies. As we can agree, if you are longer in business you are tend to be more focused on few types of jobs. Hope you going to continue to manage that successful career working from home.

  2. Good advice Kayla. I believe having few services to offer makes us more of an expert in the field chosen. I think it’s also good not only in business but also in other financial areas.

  3. One of the best things that I’ve learned is to focus on what you’re good at and do that really well. Then outsource the things you’re not good at. For me, this is hard because I love doing everything! 🙂

  4. Great blog! Outsourcing is best way to focus your self on things you love to do and you are god at. If you outsource some of your task you will finish more job and make more money. I know that outsourcing is hard but it is necessary.