Latest Update: T-Mobile NO LONGER offers the $30 wireless plan. Sorry. They removed it in the beginning of 2017. They have since replaced it with a $40 plan with 10GB of 5G LTE data per month and $50/month for unlimited data These also include mobile hotspot usage. You can view them here.

T-Mobile is working hard to take customers away from the larger cell companies like AT&T and Verizon. They have cut contracts and keep dropping their pricing. Having said that, they are not always the cheapest game in town. That distinction goes to Republic Wireless. Either way, did you know there is a little T-Mobile $30 plan that most people don’t even know about? It’s perfect for those who don’t need a lot of minutes, but want data and texts! It’s very hard to find on, but that’s why I’m here to show you.

I get a lot of cellular related questions and one is “how can I get the T-Mobile $30 Plan?” Now, this plan used to be quite popular and very easy to find.  Well, that ship has sailed and the plan is a little more secretive.  I mean, can you blame T-Mobile?  You can get up to 5GB of 4G service and 100 minutes of talk time for only $30 A MONTH!  That is a deal if you don’t use many minutes, but want to have internet access and text to your heart’s desire at 4G LTE speeds!

The T-Mobile $30 Plan

Before I show you how to get this elusive plan, I am going to quickly give you a rundown on what it entails.  It is a pretty simple plan and that is why the low price is attractive.  Here are the basic features of the $30 plan.

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  • “Unlimited” Data – You get up to 5GB of 4G speed data to your phone.  While you don’t lose your data after that point, your speed will be dropped considerably to where it is almost unusable.  I don’t like to call it unlimited, but technically, it is. I believe the data speeds drop to 2G after you use up your 5GB of data.
  • Unlimited Texts – This is pretty common now.  You can send all the texts you want with no issues.
  • Unlimited International Texting – You can do unlimited texting from the US to any location covered in the plan.
  • 100 Minutes of Talk – Now, you might say this is really low, but for many people, this is plenty.  This is what many people frown upon with this plan.

Does that 100 minutes scare you?  Are you a big talker?  If so, then this plan might not be for you.  If you like more talk time, then check out Straight Talk.  I think their $45/month plan will be better suited for you and you can bring your own phone. You can also check out Cricket Wireless or even Total Wireless.

How To Buy The T-Mobile $30 Plan

This used to be fairly easy.  You would just go to and then go to their prepaid section and there it was.  Now, it is much harder.  Head over to this page on because they don’t even show this on the regular plans page without going through about 10 clicks.

T-Mobile $30 Plan pricing

This $30 plan is only available when you purchase a phone from Walmart or if you activate your device on My recommendation would be to use an unlocked phone and then just buy the SIM activation kit from (or Amazon) and then activate it when you do that. Yes, you can buy a phone from Walmart, but I’ve gotten nice, unlocked phones from Amazon (Three of my past four phones have been unlocked and from Amazon). Just make sure you buy a GSM phone to work on the T-Mobile network.

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I haven’t found much information about using an older T-Mobile phone with the $30 plan, but that might be something you could do if you can activate it on  As long as the phone works on the T-Mobile network which is GSM, then you should be fine.

So, if you are looking for the T-Mobile $30 plan to save money on your monthly cell phone bill, then you can head over to Walmart and get a phone or just shop on and bring your own phone.  I think the plan is good enough and can really save you some serious money.  This is all dependent on how well the T-Mobile service works in your area.  It works really well in my home town, but I know others that it doesn’t work well at all. Check the T-Mobile coverage map to make sure before you make any purchase.

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