How I saved on my contact lens purchase
I have passions. Many of them to be exact. One of those passions is saving money! Yes, I might be a little out of control at times, but that’s just the frugal side of me coming out. Can you blame me?  As a man coming from over $70,000 ($50,000 in just credit cards) in overall debt to one who paid it off, why shouldn’t I get excited about saving money. It makes me happy!

It’s always a goal of mine to save money on my regular purchases. While I do shop and save at Amazon regularly, I do go to specific stores for other items. Contact lenses have been that specific item. I’ve been wearing contact lenses for 12 years. I purchased a set at the eye doctor once and vowed to never do it again. With the plethora of online contact lens companies out there, why pay outrageous prices at the doctor?

I purchase my contacts from VisionDirect. I’ve had an account with them for a long time and their process is smooth. They would charge me $50 for two boxes, including shipping. My eye doctor would charge me $90, not including sales tax. Umm…Nope!! Luckily for me, I have a way to instantly save money on all my contact lens purchases, all with only about three clicks of the mouse.

How I Saved 23% On My Contact Lens Purchase

I went to the eye doctor last month and my prescription changed a bit. This meant I needed to reorder new contact lenses. Since I already have an account with VisionDirect, I just ask my eye doctor for the prescription paper and order them from home. I can wait a few days in order to save $40!

So, let me describe how I saved 23% on my contact lens purchase with only three clicks. Yes, three clicks my friends.  This is going to assume a few things (which is how I do it on my computer). I have a password manager installed on my machine (LastPass, which I love!). I have an account with Ebates, the cash back website (I love and recommend), and I have an account with VisionDirect.

Before you use these steps, make sure you get a free Ebates account. You can’t go shopping without it!

[step_graphics style=”2″ color=”#4d894d”][step style=”2″ text=”1″ headline=”Log%20into%20Ebates”]’t%20have%20an%20account%2C%20just%20remember%20it’s%20free%20and%20they%20have%20awesome%20cash%20back%20amounts.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][step style=”2″ text=”2″ headline=”Find%20VisionDirect%20in%20Ebates”]%3Cp%3EDo%20a%20quick%20search%20for%20VisionDirect%2C%20then%20choose%20a%20coupon%20offer%20if%20they%20have%20them%20applicable.%20Ebates%20provides%208%25%20cash%20back%20for%20VisionDirect.%20On%20top%20of%20that%2C%20there%20was%20a%2015%25%20coupon%20code%20they%20provided%20me!%20Yep%2C%20instant%2023%25%20cash%20back!%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][step style=”2″ text=”3″ headline=”Head%20Out%20to%20VisionDirect”]%3Cp%3EEbates%20provides%20a%20simple%20link%20out%20to%20VisionDirect.%20That’s%20how%20they%20provide%20you%20with%20your%20cash%20back.%20You%20have%20to%20click%20the%20link%20on%20their%20site%20to%20head%20out%20to%20whatever%20store%20you%20want.%20Once%20you%20get%20to%20the%20store%2C%20just%20go%20through%20the%20rest%20of%20the%20process%20to%20check%20out.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][/step_graphics]

So, basically, I added a few seconds to my order process and instantly saved 23%. Oh, whoa is me…

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Why You Should Always Shop with Cash Back Sites

I make no qualms about me loving some cash back. I have a cash back credit card, but I always try to make sure I get cash back when I’m shopping. You can even earn cash back at Amazon! While they don’t offer it with every category, you can get 3% back on shoes, sports & fitness, outdoors, handbags & wallets, and a few others. If you shop those categories on Amazon, why not get some cash back through Ebates?

I’ve compiled a nice list of the better cash back sites as a resource. There are quite a few, but the ones on my list are those who have a record of providing good cash back offers and they actually pay out. What good is cash back if you never actually get the cash back in your pocket?

The best part about some of these cash back sites, including Ebates, is they provide some browser extensions to tell you if/when you can receive cash back at a certain store you may be visiting. So, in the end, you don’t even have to do anything. You just get notified when cash back is available. That’s saving money with no work. Come on, there is no better way!

So, in the end, I not only saved money by not getting contacts at the doctor (I really don’t know who would do that anymore) and by using Ebates to get another 23%. All in all, I saved nearly 72% off what the doctor would charge me. I can’t and won’t complain about those savings!

Have you ever used a cash back site to get a little extra money in your pocket?

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  1. I have heard alot about Ebates, but just never took it serious to believe that you really could utilize the site to save money. Glad to see you save a few bucks for that’s what it is all about, finding ways to spend less just because you can.

    1. You really should check it out. You can save a lot of money using cash back sites like Ebates. There is nothing easier and it’s completely free!

  2. Great stuff Grayson! I have been using Vision Direct for as long as I can remember (it has to be close to 10 years at this point) and they are top notch. What a savings, right?

    I am so glad I came across LastPass a few months ago too! Makes my life much easier and more secure, which is a tough combo to beat

    1. They are top-notch! They make it easy and the savings from the doctor are significant!

      LastPass is awesome. I had a different password manager, but it restricted me to my computer. I love how I can use LastPass on any machine I want!

  3. This is a good deal you scored. I used EBATES once, but never got the check in the mail. DO you have to reach a specific amount? I have the amazon points credit card and I use it once in a while. Thanks.

  4. My wife just got contacts and she got a great deal. She had worn glasses since we got married but wanted contacts, and she ended up paying $170 for a full years worth, and she got a $50 rebate, so while she couldn’t buy them online and getting the eBate, she did one better as far as I’m concerned!

  5. My daughter wears contacts so I’m going to check this out. We always order online because it’s SO much cheaper than buying from the optometrist but getting a rebate, too?! That sounds awesome!!!

  6. Unfortunity South Africa has a lot of catching up to do to first world countries, to fully utilise internet services. Internet servises are slow and very exspensive. Delivery services slow and exspensive, and with a rand/dollar exchange rate difference is bargain buying on line a very exspensive time consuming exercise. But I am always open to suggestions how to save money on products.