Giv Mobile – No-Contract Cell Phone Service that Gives Back

Giv Mobile LogoEver since I left Verizon behind for a no-contract lifestyle, I have been asked by many people about different cell phone service providers.  I have tried out many of them and continue to do so.  While I do currently have the Walmart Family Mobile plan, I still review cell phone services in order for my readers to gain the most knowledge they can before picking.  Today, I am happy to review Giv Mobile, which is a no-contract cell phone service provider that comes with a twist.  They offer many great things just like the others, but they do one thing very differently.  They actually give back in the form of donations to charities.  This is one reason why I want to review Giv Mobile.  I like their business model and I support businesses that I like.  If you are looking for a new cell phone service provider, then check out Giv. I think you will like what you see.

[infobox]Giv Mobile has updated their plans again to add an even lower priced option starting at $20 per month. I think this is a great way to bring on more users and help those looking to reduce their monthly cell phone bills. I discuss the changes more below.[/infobox]

The Details Behind Giv Mobile

Giv Mobile is a MVNO for what it appears to be the T-Mobile network. They have great coverage across the US, which is similar to the other T-Mobile MVNOs.  Giv Mobile offers two plans for their customers, so there is nothing overwhelming about their selection.  You either get this or that.  They make it easy for you.  They also make it easy when it comes to giving.  Giv mobile is different than any other carrier out there. Here is an excerpt from their site.

GIV Mobile is the first no-contract mobile service dedicated to giving 8% of your monthly payment to a non-profit organization of your choice. We pride ourselves in transforming mobile communication, an essential service for all in to a vehicle for giving and a tool for good. Yet never sacrificing quality you should expect, nor denying you the savings you deserve. We not only want to donate 8% of your monthly payment to great causes, we want to create a community that is aware of and engages in national and world-wide problems that so many people have to face today. Together we commit to making positive changes towards a better world.

This is something that I can get behind.  So now that you know more about Giv, why not dig into what they offer and for how much.  Isn’t that what you are here for?

Giv Mobile Plans

As I stated, Giv only offers two cell phone plans (They have updated their service to include five plans).  They are both “unlimited” as they call them, but they are different from each other.  Right off the bat, I will say that Giv is not for heavy data users. Their service will not work for you.  If you need a lot of data, then you should stick with the major carriers like AT&T or Verizon.  Here is a little picture that shows their cell phone plans.

Giv Mobile Plans

If the picture is hard to read, let me break down the plans for you.

  • The 20 – This is their lowest price plan. Is perfect for talkers. You get unlimited talk and text and 250mb of data. This data is not high speed. It’s 2G specifically designed for sending and receiving MMS texts. This plan is $20 per month.
  • The 25 –  This is really for the light user who doesn’t need data.  Since you can only connect with 2G data, you really should only use this plan if you are on WiFi most of the time or just don’t care about data.  This plan is $25 per month.
  • The 35 – This is their $35 per month cell phone plan.  As they indicate, this is best for the casual user.  You get unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited data.  You only get highspeed (3G/4G) data up to 1GB.  After you hit that number, you go back down to 2G.  You also get unlimited MMS and global texts.
  • The 40 – Increase your monthly bill by $5 and you have the 40. This is $40 per month that comes with the same as the 35 above.  The difference is that you get 2GB of high-speed data instead of 2GB.  If you like to use data a little more than the casual user, but don’t overdue it, then the 40 would be best for you.
  • The 60 – Add another $20 per month and you get an extra 2GB of 4G LTE data at your fingertips to make it a total of 4GB.  This plan costs $60 per month and you get unlimited everything and a $10 international dialing credit.

Both plans are only good for 30 days.  You can either pay every 30 days or setup their auto-replenish feature that will keep your account going with no issues.  They leave the option open to you.

Giv Mobile Features

What good is a cell phone service provider if they can’t provide you the coverage you need when you need it?  Giv Mobile has nationwide coverage.  It appears that they use the T-Mobile network as the network operator.  If you are happy as a T-Mobile customer, but don’t want a contract anymore, then try out Giv.  Here are the standard features on both of their plans.

  • No Contract
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Free Nationwide Long Distance
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • 3-Way Calling
  • International Dialing*

You can view [lightbox full=”” title=”Giv Mobile Coverage Map”]Giv Mobile’s coverage map[/lightbox] if you need to see what kind of coverage they have.  If you want to get more specific, then head over to their site and click “coverage.”  Giv Mobile does support both 3G and 4G services on the GSM network.

*International dialing does cost money. It is currently a penny for every minute, but there are restrictions on the countries that you can call.

Giv’s Unique Twist

What caught my eye about Giv Mobile is how they give back to some great charities.  Their value proposition is they donate 8% of your monthly payment to non-profit organizations. The best part is that you get to choose which one. They have a great list of charities that are known for doing good within their communities and throughout the US and the world.  Their business model is inspiring. Some of the charities they support include United Way Worldwide, Feeding America, and Wounded Warrior Project.  When you sign up for Giv, you get to choose where your 8% goes and that is empowering.  Not only are you getting quality service, but you are also making a difference.

Giv Mobile Phones

You get two more options when it comes to phones with Giv. You can either buy a phone directly from them, or you can bring your own phone (BYOP).  I get a lot of people asking to bring their phones to other carriers, so that is a very popular option.  You will need an unlocked GSM phone in order to bring it to Giv.  In order to use the 3G/4G data service, then your phone needs to support AWS 1700/2100 band.  You can check your phone specs to see if that band range is covered.  If you want to try out Giv, then head over to Amazon and buy an unlocked GSM phone.  This is a great way to get a cheaper phone.  Giv sells the SIM card in order to start using the service.  If you are bringing your own phone, then you will need to purchase the SIM card.

If you need a phone, Giv Mobile does sell some. What I will say is that their selection is not impressive.  They have a few phones that I have seen before, but they are either older models or under-powered phones.  I would suggest you just buy a phone from Amazon and then just purchase the SIM card from Giv.  This will give you a price that you like and a phone you can enjoy.

The Verdict

I think Giv Mobile can be a good solution for those people looking for a no-contract mobile phone plan.  No one likes contract anymore, but Giv does it a little differently.  If you don’t need a lot of data, but need reliable coverage, then try out Giv Mobile.  They are doing some good by donating 8% of your monthly payment to a charity of your choice, so why not get cell phone service and give back a little more.  Giv Mobile allow allows you to kill two birds with one stone.  If you have issues, you can get some questions answers online, or you call call them at 1-855-448-6624.

Sign up for Giv Mobile


Have you heard of of this service before?  Would you try something like this out?

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Leave a Comment:

John @ Frugal Rules says April 11

Very cool Grayson! Something like this is so unheard of in today’s climate, especially out of a phone carrier. Anyway, we can get out of our contract with Verizon in a few months and I can’t wait to stop giving them so much of our cash each month, it’s ridiculous!

    Laurie says April 11

    Thanks John. I was drawn to this company because of their giving. You just don’t see that in the mobile space. Verizon does have some high prices, but they are actually coming down now due to the competition of no contracts!

Rob McNelis says April 11

Hey Grayson,

I’m paying about $98 per month using att for just myself. In your opinion is that a waste?

Also would love to hear your thoughts on what I’m doing at my site. Check it out and hit me up on twitter sometime. @robmcnelis

    Laurie says August 8

    Yes, that is a waste. If you like AT&T, then check out Cricket Wireless. They run on AT&T’s network and you can get service for $50 per month.

Liz says April 11

Another great option I will need to consider this fall when our contract is up at Verizon. Thanks for sharing – I’ve never heard of this company before.

    Laurie says April 11

    They are a great option! They are relatively new to the mobile scene, but they have a great mission compared to the others.

    Lloyd says September 28

    You never want to hear about this service

      Grayson Bell
      Grayson Bell says September 28

      Problems? Your comment leaves a lot of information out as to why someone would not want to hear about Giv Mobile.

Holly@ClubThrifty says April 11

I’ve never heard of Giv but it sounds great! Honestly, I can’t believe people still pay full-price with the big carriers when there are so many discount providers around.

    Laurie says April 11

    I am with you there Holly. Why pay full price when you can get great service for less?

Kim@Eyesonthedollar says April 11

It looks like our service area is not included again. Someday, a company will consider our town valuable or maybe not?

    Laurie says April 11

    What cell provider do you use now Kim? Each of the big ones have carriers that will offer lower cost with the same coverage.

Raquel@Practical Cents says April 14

Thanks for another great review. I’ve been so happy with Page Plus ever since I made the switch and my husband is also very happy with Republic Wireless. There really is a no contract provider for everyone out there and no need to be at the mercy of the big 2 anymore.

    Laurie says April 14

    Page plus is good and so is Republic. I like to make sure my readers have all of the options. I just need to review page plus next, so I can round out the best MVNOs for everyone!

edddgy says April 15 says the underlying network is t-mobile

    Laurie says April 15

    You are correct. I have updated the post. Thank you!

Meyer Lansky says June 27

I received a flyer in the mail today for this phone, and like the idea of their donating very much, and am seriously considering getting this phone. I am writing, though, to tell you that they now offer 500 MB with the $40 plan, and still the 2 GB for the $50 plan.

    Laurie says June 30

    Thank you for letting me know they upped the data for the $40 plan. I have updated the post. I say give it a try if you are considering it. Best of luck.

Cody says August 20

This is a fantastic review. I randomly stumbled upon this article and I’m amazed. Once my contract ends, I’d like to try a service like this. I love the business model and I GET to choose which charity I can donate to? awesome. Thanks for the article, I’m excited to look more into this company.

Jim Gassor says April 20

Great article Grayson! I actually discovered GIV Mobile whilst doing my own reviews and comparisons. I too was also pleased with the 8% gift to charities. I just signed up

It may be worth updating the plans they offer as they have added some new ones. I especially liked the $35/month plan as you can now get 1GB of high speed, which then drops to 2G afterwards. This is right around the amount I use, and significantly less than my Verizon bill!

I went with the Amazon Fire Phone which is now priced at $189 for the 32GB model and includes one year of prime membership, which I was already paying for anyway, so I feel like I got an unlocked smartphone for $90 🙂

    Grayson Bell
    Grayson Bell says April 21

    Thanks for commenting Jim. I updated this last month and I guess they changed them again. Can’t complain with adding more data and reducing the price of the top two plans. I will take that any day.

    Do you like the Amazon Fire Phone? I’ve heard good and bad things about it, but for the price, you probably can’t complain much!

Jim Gassor says April 22

Yes, I have to say that I like the Fire Phone, but can understand that the approach Amazon have taken may not be to everyone’s taste. I already had a Fire HD tablet, and so I see the similarity. I also like the way I can create and organize folders of applications similar to my old iPhone.

My current phone is a Galaxy S5, which I have not been as happy with as I thought I would have been, so I am looking forward to transitioning to the Fire Phone, and am going to enjoy being contract free, and will enjoy being able to more easily switch out the SIM in other countries where GSM is supported.

Thanks again Grayson!

    Grayson Bell
    Grayson Bell says April 22

    Thanks for the feedback Jim. I appreciate it. I have the Moto G and I’m thinking about adding something else as it needs more processing power. I’ve heard the Moto X 2nd Gen is good, so I might go with that upgrade.

    Sorry to hear about the Galaxy S5. My friend has it and he really enjoys it. For me, it’s a big phone and that’s not something I want.

Sharon Haggard says June 7

I tried the Moto X 2nd Gen and it is very heavy to me. I returned it. I just purchased the Huawei Snapto unlocked phone and am very happy with it. 179. It may not have enough specs for you but the display has very vibrant colors and changeable themes/icons. No covers yet though.

    Grayson Bell
    Grayson Bell says June 8

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t like the Moto X 2nd Gen, but glad you were able to find something that does work.

Karissa Wang says June 30

I’ve been looking into GIV mobile service, and this review helped so much! Quick question: do you know whether the iPhone 4s supports AWS 1700/2100 band? I can’t find a straight answer online, and that’s the only thing stopping me from trying GIV.

    Grayson Bell
    Grayson Bell says June 30

    Hello Karissa,

    From what I can tell, the iPhone 4 only has support for 2100 band, but not 1700. Your phone wouldn’t work on Giv.

    Clairy says July 28

    Hi, I have an iPhone 4 and it works with Giv Mobile. My only gripe with them is that there is no service outside of the US. Which is good because it avoids unexpected roaming fees but can be kind of inconvenient.

Lori McIntyre says October 14

I like that you can submit charity to give to!

Danielle says December 3

TMobile is TERRIBLE. I’m reading reviews like this in order to find another carrier to switch to. I’ve had TMo for years and as of about 2 years ago, my texts repeat to the person I send them too, as well as what is sent to me. I’ve gotten the same text 17 times at times. Usually it’s around 7-8. Plus I will get some a DAY after they’re actually sent. This is a common issue w/Tmo and there is no reliable fix. It’s absolutely unacceptable. I really wanted to switch to a charitable carrier (there is also Credo) but knowing they use Tmo is an automatic NO.

    Grayson Bell
    Grayson Bell says December 3

    I would suggest you try out Cricket Wireless then. They have good prices and use the T-Mobile network. It’s what I moved to and have enjoyed it for over a year.

eric says December 3

Givmobile customer service is really bad. Very long wait times and representatives not interested in assisting with even basic things. Their internet site is confusing for doing things like setting up autopay or for selecting a charity to donate to. They are cheapest third party network using t mobile infrastructure but if you expect decent customer service and well developed internet configuration this is the wrong outfit. I hope they improve because the charity hook is a nice one.

    Grayson Bell
    Grayson Bell says December 3

    Thanks for the feedback Eric. I’ve seen the same service issues with other third party MVNO carriers. They have low prices and their is a trade-off. Typically you don’t see good service as much.

Jimbo says December 14

Great idea, shotty company. Their coverage map is terribly inaccurate, and cell and data service are complete BS. They won’t even refund purchased airtime when you cancel service due to poor service quality. Their customer service reps are all idiots over the phone (called multiple times for various things and even got hung up on once). Overall this is a terrible service and it would be good to look elsewhere for a company that doesn’t suck as hard as this one. F**K GIVMOBILE.

    Grayson Bell
    Grayson Bell says December 14

    Thank you for the very honest feedback Jimbo. I’m sure this will help others as well when choosing a service.

jody Lynn back says July 10

i have a nokia windows phone what can you activate my phone and switch me over to your plan? my previous number but doesn’t matter was 513-804-1899,or if i need your phone what do you have in range of cheep, lol. and a new number? contact me threw e-mail and is there discounts for 2 phones?

    Grayson Bell
    Grayson Bell says July 10

    I’m sorry, but you might be a little mistaken here. I don’t work for GIV mobile, nor is this their site. If you want to switch plans to a provider, you need to go to their site and ask them about it. I can’t help you with transferring your number or getting you setup with a plan.

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