How to Get 6 Months of Republic Wireless Service for Free

Republic Wireless Promotion deal

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m a big Republic Wireless supporter. Not only do I have their cell service, but I also have one of their phones. It helps they are local (to me) and I’m a big fan of local businesses. I came across Republic some years ago when I started this blog. I was trying to find out how to save more money.

Considering my wife and I were spending nearly $150 per month for two lines, something had to give. While I’ve been off and on with Republic over the years (wanted a different phone, broke my phone, etc.), I’ve always been happy with their business, their service, and their support.

Make sure to check out my review of their service as well.

So, when they told me they were giving away 6 months of service for free, I was happy to help them promote it.

As required, I am an affiliate of Republic Wireless and am being compensated for this post in the form of an account credit, so when you receive free service, so will I.

Get 6 Months Free on Republic Wireless

So, how do you get Republic Wireless service for free for the next 6 months? It’s actually quite easy and they are doing it as part of their very popular bring your own Android phone service. If you have some specific Android phone models, you can bring them to Republic and get your next 6 months free (their $30 plan level). That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

Promotion details

  • Create a free account at
  • Order a Republic Wireless SIM card for no cost paying only for nominal shipping fees (estimated $3-4) between 12:00 AM EST May 16 and 11:59 PM EST, May 22, 2017.
  • Activate the phone prior to or by 11:59 PM EST June 30, 2017 to receive up to 2GB cellular data at no charge for six months after the first full billing cycle. In other words, the free service will apply to billing cycles 2-7. (Federally mandated taxes and telecom charges not included.)
  • The Offer is only valid on new customer accounts and/or a new service line on an existing customer account.  
  • Promotion limited to new activations on Republic’s GSM network partner. While cellular service is nationwide on the country’s fastest 4G-LTE network, like all cellular carriers, coverage is not available in all areas, especially more rural areas. To check coverage in your area please visit
  • At any time, customers can choose the plan that works best for their needs and standard plan rates, starting for as little as $15 a month, will apply. Customers are in complete control of their plan and can change it at any time without penalty and the bill will be prorated accordingly.
  • If a customer chooses a plan of greater value than Republic Wireless’s $30 Talk and Text plus 2GB of cellular data service plan, any additional service plan cost above $30 is not included in this promotion and the difference will be charged to the customer’s credit card.
  • The Offer is valid only while SIM card supplies last.  SIM card supplies are limited and once they sell out, no other SIM cards will be eligible for this Offer.

At this time, Republic offers you to bring 17 different Android phones onto their system. These phones are newer models, but you can find the list here.

From now until May 22nd, you can switch from your high cost carrier to a more reasonably priced plan and be able to call over WiFi.

Just as a note, one of the big reasons I love Republic is I can use WiFi to call from anywhere. Literally. I’ve been making calls while traveling in Europe for the past month with no issue. It couldn’t be easier really and you won’t get that without big fees when on other carriers. I also can’t complain with the price. I only pay $20 per month.

If you’re interested in this offer (you should be if you really want to save some serious money), then head over and check out their official post.

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Young and Finance says May 18

Thanks. I am currently using T-Mobile and the bill for 1 line is $107 per month. I am looking for a new carrier. How is the service, data for email, internet, etc.

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