Happy Friday everyone!  My son has been sick and that means that I am running low on sleep over here.  I am sure that he got it from someone last weekend when we had family around.  No matter where he got it from, he decided to pass it on to his mother and father.  Yea!

With my son being sick and myself feeling a little under the weather, I decided to work from home.  I get the ability to do that with my employer, so it is a nice perk.  It got me thinking about my work/life balance.  You know that little percentage where we are supposed to have at most an equal time between work and life.  We should have the needle swinging toward life, but lately, it feels that the needle is swinging more toward the work side.

While I was perusing around the interwebs, I found this interesting infographic talking about the work/life balance in 2013.  I found it both interesting and sad.  It is talking about how the majority of us (61%) are now working when on vacation.  What makes me sad is that I am also a part of this number.  I check my work email on my smartphone when I am on vacation.  I don’t even think about it.  This is what happens when you are connected at all times.  I am certain employers expect fast turnarounds on emails, no matter if you are on vacation or not.  Wasn’t the point of vacation to get away from work?  I see the times are changing.

What I want to know is do you think that the economy has caused us to push the needle into the work side of the balance?  If not the economy, than do you think it is just our ability to be connected wherever we are?  Are you handling your work/life balance in the right way or are you working too much?

I hope you enjoy the infographic along with your weekend.

work/life balance in 2013

2013 Work/Life Balance of Americans infographic courtesy of Visual.ly