How to get cash back when shopping on EtsyI know some of you reading this are fans of the site Etsy. It’s a pretty cool place where independent entrepreneurs can sell their handcrafted merchandise.  While the platform has changed since they went public, it’s still a great e-commerce platform for those looking to sell their wares. I know my wife has bought a few things off Etsy and they were good purchases. While I haven’t bought anything from there, I know many who have. So, in the spirit of saving money, I wanted to share some cool news.

Get Cash Back at Etsy!

My favorite cash back shopping site, Ebates, has announced that you can get cash back every time you shop on Etsy. Yes, lovers of the handcrafted merchandise, it’s true! Ebates and Esty now have an agreement for you to get 1% cash back on your purchases from Etsy. Now, you probably aren’t going to scream and start an Esty buying binge, but cash back is cash back. I don’t shy away from money saving opportunities.

So, if you want to earn cash back from Esty, then here’s how you do it. (Hint, you need an Ebates account)

Step 1 – Go to

You will need to log into your Ebates account in order to get the cash back. If you don’t have an Ebates account, then go get one. It’s free and really easy use. If you need more information, check out my Ebates review.

Step 2 – Search for Etsy

Just type in “etsy” or “Etsy” into the search bar on Ebates and it will pop up with the page. Just click it and it will go to it’s own little page on

Etsy cash back


Step 3 – Click “Shop Now”

Once you’re on the Etsy page on Ebates, just click the big red “shop now” button. This will redirect you to Etsy where you will then earn 1% cash back (Ebates just changed it to 2%) on all your purchases. Enjoy!

Esty Shop Now Button


Well, those are the steps. Isn’t it super easy?  This is why I love services like Ebates. You don’t really have to do much more than click and save. It’s the site I used to save 23% on my last contract lens purchase. I believe it took me an extra few seconds to get that cash back. I won’t complain about that.

If you like saving money like me, then make sure you check out Ebates. Also, take some time to check out my cash back resources page to give you other sites where you can earn that money! If you’re really financially savvy, then you would couple this 1% cash back with a cash back credit card, which is what I do.  It’s like bundling cash back savings and I love to bundle!

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