How to save money easily with Trim

How often do you take the time to sit down and look at your monthly bank and credit card statements for unnecessary expenses? I’m talking about that streaming service you no longer use or the magazine subscription that immediately goes into the recycle bin. These little charges can add up to big expenses each and every month. But what if we told you that you can manage and cancel ones you don’t want with a few text messages?

Yep, we’ve found a relatively new service out there that does just that. It’s called Trim. By using Trim, you can have a free digital assistant that will cancel those subscriptions, track your finances, and find savings opportunities each time you use a Visa credit card.

Trim isn’t an app. It’s a chatbot that integrates with Facebook Messenger or an SMS text from your phone to cancel unwanted subscriptions, fight bank fees, match prices from online retailers, and monitor your account balances. And, Trim can also help you save money by automatically applying coupons to your credit card purchases. In less than a minute, Trim users have saved over $8 million!

Trim Financial Manager

There are two different functions of Trim. The first and primary feature is the Trim Financial Manager. For Trim to work its magic, you have to first link your bank account when you create an account. You can also add a credit card. Once the account is linked, Trim will automatically scour your accounts for recurring subscriptions.

Cancel Subscriptions

Ask TrimAfter reviewing your banking activity, you will receive a report of your subscriptions as a text message. After all, do you still need Hulu and Netflix when you stream cable tv?

Your message will be a line item report showing the subscription and the monthly price. It will even show your insurance premiums and utility payments too.

To cancel a subscription, simply type “Cancel ______.” Trim will send a text of acknowledgment and will first try to cancel the subscription through chat or visiting the website.

For more complex unsubscribing processes, they will e-mail, call, or even send a certified letter on your behalf. Even if you are not ready to cancel a subscription at this moment, Trim will continue to monitor your accounts for existing and new subscriptions. You can cancel subscriptions at any time.

Lower Bills

Trim is also partnering with other subscription-based service providers to help you lower your bill. For example, by linking your Comcast account, Trim will see if they can lower your bill with current promotions and discounts. They will even negotiate to get you credits in the event of a cable outage.

While Trim is free to use for most services, they will keep 25% of your first month savings if they can negotiate a lower price on your subscriptions.

Get an Amazon Refund

When you connect your Amazon account, Trim will also analyze your previous purchases and look to see if product prices have decreased since the time of purchase. If so, Trim will automatically file the price protection claim and your credit card company will send you a check for the price difference.

Like shopping at Amazon? Here are 25 different ways to save everyday!

Monitor Account Balances

In addition to canceling long-forgotten subscriptions, Trim will also help you save money by monitoring your account bank balances. If your bank constantly charges you overdraft fees because you forget to check your account balance, you can receive text alerts before your next purchase to avoid bank fees.

Trim will also monitor your monthly spending trends. It can tell you how much you spent on Uber rides last month or other spending categories. This bot can open your eyes in more than one way, financially speaking.

Trim Savings

If you have a Visa credit card, Trim can help save you money on grocery, dining, and retail purchases. In fact, you will automatically get $10 off your first grocery store visit after linking your credit card to Trim Savings.

Trim will automatically look for coupons and discounts for the places you shop, buy groceries, or dine at and apply them to your account. While most discounts must be used in-store, some can be redeemed online.

About once a week, Trim will also send you offers for specific merchants to receive a spending discount. The discount amounts and expiration dates will vary from week to week.

Once the discount is applied, you will receive a statement credit on your Visa card. It can take 5-7 days before the credit appears in your account. This function is completely free.

Is Trim Secure?

Yes. Trim doesn’t store any of your bank or card information on their. Nor do they sell your information to third-parties. Their security process is similar to how you might log into your bank, e-mail, or social media accounts with encrypted data.

Will Trim Always Be Free?

Yes. The services mentioned in this article will always remain free. There is a small fee if Trim can negotiate a lower price for your Comcast bill at the moment, but, that is the only potential charge you will pay when using Trim. Even then, that is only when they can lower your bill and you choose to apply for the discounts and promotions.

Trim does have plans to offer a paid financial advising service. They will still offer the current Financial Manager and Savings services for free.

How Can I Sign up For Trim?

You can start the process by visiting the Trim website. Then, you can complete the registration process using Facebook Messenger or a phone text message. After that, you link your various banking, credit card, and shopping accounts and Trim will show all the ways you can save money.

To start saving money, you simply have the text a simple command and they will do all the hard work for you. And the best part is that it’s free!

You might be surprised at how many bank fees and subscription fees you are paying without even realizing it. Sometimes life gets busy and we don’t have time to monitor our finances like we should truly do. That is the reason so many others have used Trim to save over $8,000,000 so far in unnecessary expenses.

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