The easiest way to save money when shopping online

Wow, I can’t believe I hadn’t know about this little money saving secret before. I feel like I’ve missed the boat big time. I shop online so often, it borders on compulsive. I really don’t go to stores much unless it’s the grocery store or I need to see an item before actually buying it.

OK, secret is a strong word, but this little thing is really, truly, the easiest way to save money when you shop online. There is nothing easier than this. Are you ready for it?

It’s Called “Honey”

If you’ve known about this little browser extension and hadn’t told me, then shame on you. I found it the other day while perusing some other money saving site and heard someone talking about it on a podcast. I was really taken aback by how easy this browser extension is. The best part is it’s completely free. Yes, 100% free to install and use.

They call it Honey and I love it. It’s so simple to use and the savings really do add up when you’re shopping.

Join Honey

Basically, this is a browser extension that works when your shopping online at stores it can recognize. It holds a ton of cash back/coupon offers for a huge number of online retailers. When you’re looking at products and add them to your cart, this extension will pop up to tell you if there are any applicable coupons to use. The little browser icon turns gold when it knows the store. It’s typically gray when it doesn’t have anything to use.

Here’s how Honey describes its service:

Honey is a service that makes it ridiculously easy to save money and time. Honey automatically finds coupon codes for the site you’re shopping at and applies them to your order when you check out, saving you money and coupon searching time.

That’s pretty easy to understand. They literally make saving money hands off when shopping online. I used to have to head over to the coupon sides to find a good coupon code. No longer!

I originally thought Honey was only for the Chrome browser, but then realized it shows up like that because I’m using Chrome. Sometimes the answer is so obvious that my brain misses it. According to Honey, their service works on…

desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Support for other browsers and a mobile app are coming soon.

As you can see in the above quote, they don’t support Internet Explorer or the new Microsoft Edge browser. This is probably because that browser is junk in most regards, but there’s still a big portion of the population using it, so maybe they are working on something. I know Internet Explorer (IE) is going to be wiped off the face of the earth by Microsoft in favor of Edge, but that will take some time. So, if you’re an IE user, you might want to try another browser (they are better anyway) to get a chance to try this extension out.

I took some time to test the app and decided to record my screen to show you how it works. Here you go…

Why This Makes It So Easy To Save

I’m a huge fan of easy ways to save money. It’s why I’m an advocate for automation when necessary. For the longest time, I automated my bills, but now I make sure I take a look at them before I pay. When I signed up for Digit (another awesome money savings app), I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it. Luckily, I fell in love with it and use it every day now. I’d recommend you trying it out if you need a little push to save more. It’s free you know.

I was a little hesitant when dealing with Honey since it is a browser extension. You never know what some of those will do, but I’ve tested it out on a few stores and really like its style. It only really turns on when your on an online retailer’s site. Other times, it’s just grayed out.

The reason why I’m recommending this to you, is because it takes the work out of saving money online. You now no longer have to scour the web for online coupon codes. Heck, I check our coupon code section, but now I don’t have to. Most applicable coupons/rebates come right to me when I’m about to check out. It’s that simple.

Another cool thing about Honey is they will pay you to bring your friends. Just refer someone who might enjoy Honey and they pay you when that someone signs up and uses the service. Much like, which pays you when someone signs up and uses their system, Honey does the same. Here is a little example on their site for you.

Get paid on Honey

There’s not much to it. And yes, my links in this post are my referral links for Honey. I only share them when I feel you get a benefit. If you earn $25, why can’t I earn $25? It doesn’t cost you any more and doesn’t make your life harder, so I hope you don’t mind. You can do the same with your friends or family. You can even share on your own blog (don’t have one? Start one now), Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. Make a little money while helping people save their money. What’s better than that?

As noted earlier, I like anything that can save me money without making me work harder. I value my time, so when I can shop online (like I always do) and don’t have to look for coupons/deals all of the time, then I consider that a win. The only downfall is there aren’t many coupons/deals on Amazon. This is because Amazon does very product specific deals and rarely category wide ones with coupons. It will still try it for you if you’d like, but warns there will be little success. Luckily for you, I compiled 25 different ways you can save on Amazon, so you don’t need to rely on Honey to do it for you.

I hope you guys (and gals) look into this browser extension a little more. I think it’s pretty cool and such an easy way to save money when shopping online. In fact, I think it’s by far the easiest way beyond not spending any money online. Add on top that it is completely free, what’s not to love? Interested in trying it? Go add it to you browser now!

This is the Easiest Way to Save Money When Shopping Online

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    1. It sure can. You just shop like normal (through Ebates) and then this will just go on top to put coupons in. I don’t see why they wouldn’t work in tandem.

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I haven’t heard of Honey before, but am excited to try it out!