How to Not Go Broke Preparing for Wedding Season

How to prepare for wedding season without going broke

I’m excited that spring is starting to show up in my neck of the woods. The days are getting longer, and the temperatures are getting warmer. But one thing I’m not quite ready for that is just around the corner is wedding season.

Weddings are an expensive affair, even if you aren’t getting married or even taking part in a wedding party. Just being a guest at a few weddings can take a toll on your budget. Unfortunately I think this spring and summer I’ve got more weddings on my calendar to attend than I’ve had in all the other years of my life combined. Being a millennial means we’re at the age when many of our friends are settling down and getting married.

If you are in this situation too, here are some ways you can prepare now for the upcoming wedding season so you don’t go broke.

Look for a Versatile Outfit or Two

I only had one wedding on my calendar last year and it was very casual. Therefore for the upcoming weddings on my calendar this year I’m going to have to go shopping for more appropriate attire since they have a more “fancy” dress code expectation. That said, I don’t want to go broke on buying a bunch of new dresses or skirt outfits that I’ll only wear one time each. Instead I’m going to go budget and minimalist friendly by picking out one or two outfits that can be worn to all of the weddings on my calendar, plus any other events that would call for such attire.

I’ve been keeping my eyes open and the other day I found a dress that would be perfect for several of these events for only $40. Plus, I can pair it with a cardigan, purse, and shoe that are already in my closet. I’ll probably also look for a skirt that I can pair with some of the spring and summer tops I already own too. This way I’ll be able to avoid wearing the exact same thing to every wedding and event, but I won’t have to buy too many new things.

Beware of Buying Expensive Gifts

I usually try to set a limit of what to spend on a gift for each wedding I attend. Most of the time I try to keep gifts within the same price range at each wedding I attend, unless I’m very close to the bride or groom. In those cases I will spend a little more on the gift.

One way to keep gifts costs under control is to organize the gift registry by price when you are looking at it online. If you organize it from lowest to most expensive, you can avoid even looking at the things that are outside of your price range. If you can’t find anything suitable and in your price range on the gift registry, you can always purchase a gift card for the stores the couple has registered at instead. This will allow them to put that money toward whatever item(s) they choose.

If you know you have several weddings to attend this season, you should start saving up for the gifts and other costs right away. You can set up a targeted savings account and begin making monthly or weekly deposits to it so you have some money set aside and don’t have to take it all out of your budget in the same month when it’s time to attend the weddings and other events.

Lowering Travel Costs

Another significant expense of attending weddings for friends and family is the cost of travel. If the weddings you are planning to attend are not local, you may have to get creative with your travel and accommodations to save some money.

One way I’ve saved money on wedding accommodations is by finding another single person to share the room cost with. If you know some other friends who will be attending the same wedding, perhaps you can share a hotel room to cut down on cost. You may even be able to carpool if you have to drive a long distance to attend the wedding.

Another consideration is staying at a different hotel than the one with the block of rooms for guests. A block of rooms reserved for wedding guests will often be cheaper than regular room rates, but it may still be more expensive than other places in town.

Staying at an AirBnb near the wedding may also be an option. AirBnb is usually a lot cheaper than a hotel. Just make sure you can make it to your accommodations safely after the wedding reception if you’ve been drinking.

Attending the weddings of friends and family can be expensive, but it’s important to share in these once-in-a-lifetime experiences with them. Even still, you don’t want to go broke on the costs of attending. Luckily you can save money by starting preparations now for weddings coming up this spring and summer.

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Ramona says March 5

In my country people usually give money as a gift. Weddings are seriously expensive and this way the young couple will recover financially after the ‘ordeal’ of spending thousands of bucks on a single day and maybe get a bit of a profit, which will help them in their married life.

We didn’t do a ‘normal’ wedding though, since I really don’t like the idea of being a princess and all the jazz, but many do go through this and earn a bit of money (well, not all, but most).

As for our costs as guests … I had 2 black dresses I wore to all our friends weddings (about 6 or 7 weddings in total) and a pair of high-heels. Husband has one suit only (we’re not the elegant type) and had no issues wearing it at all occasions 😀

Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank says March 5

Whenever I attend weddings, I just use what I wear at the office. I just do some mix and match or buy a new tie. Investing on a good coat is really helpful as well as especially if it really fits well.

Natalie @ Financegirl says March 7

I have a wedding next weekend and I am wearing a dress I have in my closet instead of buying something new. It’s not worth spending the money on a dress for a few hours when that money can go toward something more important like paying down law school debt!

    Kayla says March 8

    I totally agree! If I had an appropriate dress in my closet that fit I wouldn’t have bought anything either. 🙂

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