using your credit card over the counter to pay like a debit card

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Do you strictly use a debit card because you’re not sure if you can use a credit card responsibly? While debit cards are convenient, you’re not enjoying the benefits that come from owning a credit card including the opportunity to develop a responsible credit history. With Debx, all that can change as you never have to worry about missing a monthly payment again and enjoy all the rewards that your debit card doesn’t have.

What is Debx?

Debx is a free personal finance app that links your checking account to your credit card account and immediately pays off your credit card purchases on a daily basis so you can enjoy the following perks:

  • Earn credit card rewards points
  • Build a responsible credit history
  • Never carry a card balance or pay an overdraft fee again

With the Debx app, your credit card is practically a debit card because of the daily payments. If you’re one of the Americans that pay the banks $12 billion (with a b) in overdraft fees every year, you don’t have to worry about paying an overdraft fee again because Debx only withdraws payments when there’s a sufficient checking account balance.

Currently, Debx only has an iPhone app, but they are working on an app for Android, which will hopefully be coming out in the fall. Not sure why companies don’t create both apps when they launch because you immediately leave out 50% of your potential audience.

Who Should Join Debx?

Debx is ideal for anybody that wants to use a credit card to earn rewards points, improve their credit score, and never forget a credit card payment again!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a recent college graduate who just got approved for your first credit card, a card churner with several current credit card balances, or a young professional family that want to earn rewards with a good credit score.

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Should Debit Card Users Join Debx?

Debit card users might be able to benefit the most from Debx. Since you’re already in the habit of only being able to spend what’s in your debit card, you can carry over your responsible spending habits to a no annual fee credit card that earns cash rewards or travel rewards.

You’ll still spend the same amount of money as before, but you earn rewards points in the process. For example, you will earn $240 in rewards if you spend $12,000 a year with a 2% cash back credit card. Since Debx is free and you’re using a no-fee credit card, you get to keep your entire rewards balance.

Another reason to start using a credit card is that it’s one of the easiest ways to build your credit score for free. As long as you pay your balance on-time—which you will with Debx—you can improve your score with each on-time payment. Even if you carry a credit card with an annual fee, your rewards can still outvalue your annual fee and you still profit each month compared to using your debit card.

How Do Credit Card Users Benefit from Debx?

Even if you pay your credit card balance every month, Debx will make sure you never forget to pay your credit card balance before the due date. Banks collect more than $12 billion in late fees and overdraft fees a year that can wipe out several months of credit card rewards if you’re not careful.

Debx is most helpful if you carry a large balance each month and you usually wait until right before the payment due date to submit payment just to make sure you have enough cash to cover your balance. By making daily payments, it’s just like you’re paying for everything in cash so you’re not stuck with a larger-than-expected balance when you receive your statement.

Since you can view your checking account balance in real-time, Debx holds you more accountable to living within your means so you don’t overextend yourself financially.

What If I Have to Make a Large One-Time Purchase?

Sometimes, you need to make a large, unexpected purchase with your credit card before you can transfer enough money over to your checking account to cover the expense. Debx offers a “Shutoff Balance” that won’t schedule a payment if your checking account drops below a certain balance.

You can also enable an “Autopay Limit” that limits which purchases Debx prepays. You’ll be responsible for paying the difference before your card’s due date, but the flexibility can be well worth it.

Additional Tools that Make Debx Worth It

It’s already cool enough that Debx is 100% free to use and they schedule your credit card payments on a daily basis. But, Debx offers other tools that add even more value to their service.

  • Track your credit card and checking account balances in one place
  • Receive smart notifications when payments post, bill due dates approach, and you earn rewards points.

Debx is also rolling out a feature to track all of your credit card rewards points in the Debx app. And, they’ll also offer intelligent suggestions for financial products that can optimize your financial standard of living based on your personal spending habits. For example, Debx might recommend a better airline rewards card if you regularly buy plane tickets.

Debx Is Always Free to Use

Remember, all of these perks are free. Unlike similar automated credit card apps that charge an annual fee and only make one monthly lump-sum payment, you’ll never pay a penny to use Debx which means you build your credit score and earn rewards points for free.

It takes 90 seconds to sign up for Debx and after you sync your checking account and credit cards, all you have to do is make sure there’s enough money in your bank account to pay for your purchases. Since you’re a responsible credit card user, that’ll never be a problem! ?

How to Join Debx

If you’re ready to earn credit card rewards and never pay a late fee again, Debx is the easiest way to make the switch from debit to credit. You can head to their website,, to learn more, or check out the free app on the App Store now.

Do you think using a credit card like a debit card could help you with your finances? Think earning credit cards rewards while keeping everything in control might work? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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