What Being A Debt Collector Taught Me About Buying A Home

Did the title catch your eye?  One thing that many don’t know about me is that I was a debt collector, a mortgage debt collector to be exact.  Yes, one of those pompous a**holes that would just berate you on the phone until you gave me the money.  Bring on the hate mail, the angry tweets, and the like……OK, just kidding, I was actually one of the nice ones in the industry.  There were only a few of us, but I still got results.  Do you want to know why?  I actually cared about trying to make people’s finances better.  I wanted to help them get out of debt and catch up on their mortgage.  This job taught me a lot about mortgages, so when my wife and I bought our first home in 2006, I was able to use my knowledge to secure the right mortgage for us at the time.  One thing the job didn’t teach me was how to predict where the market was going.  We all know what happened two years later.  BOOM!

Read more about my journey buying our first home over at VOSA.com

About the Author Grayson Bell

I’m a business owner, blogger, father, and husband. I used credit cards too much and found myself in over $75,000 in debt ($50,000 in just credit cards). I paid it off, started this blog, and my financial life has changed. I now talk about fighting debt and growing wealth here. I run a WordPress support company, along with another blog, Eyes on the Dollar, which is another great personal finance blog.

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Bryce @ Save and Conquer says February 26

Yup, 2006-2007 were not good years to buy a home. Have you recovered yet? Houses in my neighborhood have been selling for more than they were back in 2007.

    Laurie says February 26

    We are close to being able to sell our house for what we bought it for, so we have bounced back, just not fully there yet. Hindsight is 20/20 though.

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