I’m sure you’ve heard of the coupon site, Groupon. If not, sorry!  It’s the catchy name created by jamming together “group” and “coupon” to make the oh, so popular Groupon! I’m not going to lie, I’ve been on Groupon a few times in my life. I’m not a Groupon addict, but I know many who are. One thing you can’t deny about the company is they created a huge market for deals. They were the first daily deal site to make it big and big they are.  When Groupon first was created, it was a one deal a day site. They offered highly discounted deals for a specific region. If enough people bought the deal, then it would become available for everyone. This is the basis of group couponing. If people weren’t interested in the deal, then no one got it. It was a good business model and then the market got saturated. So saturated. I’m sure Google put the “Promotions” tab in Gmail just because of the onslaught of daily emails telling us about sweet deals. We, as consumers, definitely signed up for too many deal emails. Way too many!

This post was written in collaboration with Groupon. I was compensated for my time, but my opinions/thoughts are my own.

Groupon has grown from it’s former shell. They not only have daily deals, but they have many of them and they are available in nearly 150 countries. If you want to go golfing for Father’s Day, I’m sure you can find a Groupon. Why not save some money when buying a gift? I bought my wife a photography class that she really enjoyed. It was a great deal and a good class. Can’t complain there! Besides coupons, Groupon also has what they call “Groupon Goods,” which are just good deals on a number of products. I see over 16,000 there now. They also focus on some great local deals around the town, more than just one like they used to. Now there are better categories to find what you’re looking for. Overall, Groupon has grown from a simple daily deal site based on group coupons to a mega money saving site that allows people to find deals on almost anything. They haven’t stopped there…

Groupon Coupons

Yes, Groupon has just introduced what they refer to as “Groupon Coupons.” Now, this is a name that flows right off the tongue, but it really just means group coupon coupons. Maybe a little overzealous on the coupon phrase, but you get the picture! Instead of just offering coupons for local retailers and in specific categories, Groupon has partnered with some of the biggest and best companies around to offer simple to use coupons. These are the ones where you can just put in a coupon code on the retailers site and save. You don’t have to purchase anything on the Groupon site at all.

I looked over their new section and it has a ton of stores. I can’t even count them all, as they are broken up by their name. To say they have all the popular stores which offer coupons would be an understatement. Let’s show you a place which I know very well. I’m going to show you the sweet GoDaddy coupons over on Groupon. This is a place where I get all of my domains. Debt Roundup is registered there and all of my other active sites, including my business site. Why do I have all my domains with GoDaddy? It’s simple, domains are what they do!

As a serial entrepreneur, I’m always thinking about new projects. As ideas come into my head, I check to see if there is a domain to match. GoDaddy is where I do that. It’s one of my recommended blogging tools over on my business site. I had an idea the other day and went to check on the domain. It was available, but I didn’t want to spend $12 to secure it. Now I know there is an awesome $0.99 domain coupon on Groupon Coupons. Funny name, but good coupons!

GoDaddy Groupon Coupons

As of this writing, there are 35 coupons/deals available. Groupon even verifies the coupons, so 16 are verified. The others are just simple promotional sales from GoDaddy. So, just like that I can get a new domain for only $0.99 and save myself about $11 in the process. I don’t have to worry about buying anything local or having restrictions on the groupon I want to use. I can just find a coupon, get the code, and shop my way to savings!

If you’re a Groupon user, what do you think about the new Groupon Coupons? Does the name just roll off the tongue when you say it? If you’re already on Groupon looking for some sweet deals, then why not jump over to their coupon section and get more deals. They even have printable coupons at local stores like Target, which is a favorite of mine. You can’t complain with more ways to save money. Remember, the more you save, the more you can invest or use to pay of debt! The opportunities are limitless when you have money in the bank and savings on your mind!

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  1. Gray, here is a Groupon fan. I like using groupons because whenever I use these, I feel like I have saved much money compared with buying the services/products directly at stores. And, I confess that always visit its site daily for coupon updates and great deals.