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6 Free Apps to Help You Pay Off Student Loan Debt (or Any Debt Really)

It’s a sad day in the debt repayment space, especially those with student loan debt (there are so many). The awesome tool, ReadyforZero, has decided to shut down and focus on their blog content.

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4 Simple Ways to Reduce Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is higher than it has ever been since lenders started giving out loans for college tuition. The 2016 class is the most indebted generation ever with student loans. According to Student

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5 Steps to Help You Say Goodbye to Sallie Mae (and Your Student Loan Debt!)

Do you know that awful feeling you get in your stomach when you think you’ve done something terrible? Like that time when you spent $72,000 on getting a college degree that couldn’t even land you

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Here’s a Free Way to Help Pay Down Student Loan Debt

I’ve been asked a lot about student loans lately, but since I was lucky enough to go to college without student loans in my name, I don’t have much experience paying them off. I can only thank

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7 Interesting Ways to Pay Down Your Student Loan Debt

I don’t have to tell you that student loan debt has become a big issue.  More than 40 million individuals hold student loan debt totalling more than $1.2 trillion! As such, people are searching for

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How to Manage Before and After a Student Loan

Student loans are becoming a common way to supplement college tuition and expenses. Ideally, college scholarships and savings programs would be enough to pay for a higher education for yourself or your

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Should I Invest or Pay Off Student Loans First?

The rising cost of education compels an increasing number of people to end up with debt in the form of student loans. Often, debt is not restricted to student loans but can include additional debts in

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How Old Will You Be When You Finish Paying Off Your Student Loans?

By the time you graduate from college, you may have between $5,000 and $30,000 or more in student loan debt. With the average student loan debt now around $25,000 (for an undergraduate degree), today’s

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