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This is How a Penny Turns into $10 Million and Why You Should Care

Have you heard about the magic penny before? What about turning one little penny into over $10 million? No? Well, before we go on to talk about this magical penny, let me ask you a simple question and

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Should I Turn Off My A/C To Save More Money?

It’s starting to get warm out there again, which means one thing… Time to tune up and turn on those air conditioners while trying to save money in the process. Tough job! If you’re anything

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I Watch YouTube Videos to Save More Money

We’ve spent the last couple of months listening to our dryer slowly die. When we dry out clothes, it sounds like a flock of birds is getting murdered by the dryer. The squeaking sound was deafening

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25 Awesome Tools and Sites to Save You Money Everyday

There are so many awesome ways to save money online these days. I’ve test out too many to count, but I’m going to round-up a lot of the awesome places for you right here. Yes, today, I’m

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How to Make a Plethora of Healthy Food Affordable

Food is one of those things that falls into the category of needs and not wants. Yet, I’ve found that a lot of us have a negative relationship with it in respect to how much it should cost to acquire

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How I Paid Off My Debt and Saved at the Same Time

  I’m constantly asked how one should pay off debt. It’s extremely hard to answer, because it’s generally based on personal experiences and preferences. That being said, I firmly

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The “Unexpected” Savings Plan – How to Keep Your Savings Account Stocked!

Imagine this for a moment. You walk into a store expecting to spend $100 on a product you’ve been researching. You’ve budgeted for this purchase and you’re OK spending the money. It

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How to Check the Real Savings on Amazon Gold Box Deals

Have you ever heard of Amazon gold box? Well, if you haven’t, then make sure to check it out here. Basically, Amazon gold box is their daily deal offerings across all of their categories. These are

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Simple Savings Sunday – Saving While Paying Off Debt

Welcome back to Simple Savings Sunday. In this series, I show you a difference saving technique each week. My goal is to inspire those looking for ways to save, along with showing you how it easy it

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Simple Savings Sunday – Creating Savings Buckets

Welcome back to Simple Savings Sunday here at Debt Roundup. This is a series I started last year and I post only when I come up with helpful tips on saving money. You can check out all of the Simple Savings

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