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How to Assess a Property Investment Opportunity

Investing in property can be a hard thing to do. There are so many factors that one should consider before becoming a property owner. Real estate investing takes a lot of knowledge and understanding in

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Take Time To Learn When Investing In The Stock Market

“Playing the stock market” is a popular term for buying and selling stocks, but trading on the stock exchange isn’t a game; there are risks involved. When you buy stock in a company,

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Growing Your Investment Portfolio Safely

If there is one thing that we have learned over the last several years, it is that there is no such thing – almost – as a guaranteed investment. While the Dow Jones Industrial Average may be up over

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How Do You Manage Your Investments?

As most of you know, I am what you call an amateur investor. I have only been investing for a few short years, which puts me behind the investing curve. I opened up my 401(k) when I started working at

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Will The Government Affect Your Investment Decisions?

There should be no surprise now that our government is dysfunctional. It doesn’t matter which party you relate to, because anyone with common sense can see that we have a serious problem with our

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Would You Go For An All-or-Nothing Investment Strategy?

As a relatively new investor outside of the standard 401(k), I have been intrigued by the other options that are out there. Unfortunately, I have found that there are too many different types of investments

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Are You Hardwired To Make Bad Investment Decisions?

I was looking around for some investment tips the other day and I came across this infographic. Being a visual learner, I love them and they really help me get a grasp on something that I want to learn

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Great Financial Lessons We Learn from Warren Buffett

As a novice investor, I have had to look to someone to provide me with great advice on how to jump start my investment portfolio. I decided to look to the best and brightest investor that we all know

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Should I Invest or Pay Off Student Loans First?

The rising cost of education compels an increasing number of people to end up with debt in the form of student loans. Often, debt is not restricted to student loans but can include additional debts in

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