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How to Find the Best Lawnmower for Fantastic Prices

Yard maintenance is certainly not my favorite thing to do. However, it is a necessary evil when you own a house with a yard. Included in that necessary evil, is the yard equipment that must be purchased

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25 Quick and Easy Tips to Save More Money on Amazon

No matter if you’re shopping for back to school supplies, birthday presents, Christmas gifts, or just for you, Amazon can be an awesome place to find good deals and fast shipping! I’m a huge

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The Quick Guide to Credit Unions and Why You Should Care

For those with only a few years of experience in the professional workforce – or those joining it for the first time – the euphoria of getting a paycheck has probably been tempered with the reality

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How to Start a Blog – The Free Beginner’s Guide with Video

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to starting a blog. I’ve been blogging in some form or fashion for eleven years (yes, 11!). I do it because I have a passion for it, but also because it’s

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Back to School Supplies Shopping Guide for Every Grade

  It’s back to school season my friends. If you have kids in school, then you know about this lovely time. The school lists are coming and you need to head out to get supplies. What happens

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Shopping Guide – How to Share Your Amazon Prime Account

It is really just that easy.  It only takes a few clicks and your household members can enjoy free and fast shipping from Amazon.  I do get the question from some who ask why you would want to share

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Credit Guide – Credit Card Balance Transfer Basics

Welcome to the first credit guide here on Debt Roundup. This new series of posts came about from a survey I sent out to my email subscribers and readers. Not only do you want to hear how to make more money,

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