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They Can’t Do That! How I Learned about Debt Collection Harassment

This is a personal debt story from Lindsey Dahlberg. She had a lot of debt and had to deal with harassment from unscrupulous debt collectors. She learned some valuable lessons about dealing with debt,

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Getting out of Debt: A Staff Writer’s Story

Hello, Debt Roundup readers! I thought that for my second post here as staff writer, I would give you all a little introduction into my life and The Frugal Farmer family, for those of you who don’t

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From Zero to Hero And Back Again, Twice!

This is a great story from Stephen Tang. He provides great detail into his journey, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite beverage! Here is my story of how I turned $2,000 into over $100,000 in

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Changing Our Attitude On Debt

Here is a new post in the Debt Diaries series. I want to thank Dee, from Color Me Frugal, for supplying her story. The hubs and I graduated from school at around the same time, in 2006. We’d been broke

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Financial Crisis And Re-birth: My Worst Money Mistake And What I Learned From It

What is my worst money mistake? Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. Throughout my life I have made many mistakes including, as Ella Fitzgerald gently croons, ‘smoking, drinking,

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Debt Diary: Parental Intervention

Yesterday I had to do something that I have been dreading for the past six months. I had to visit my parents and tell them it was time to sell their house and move onto their next phase in life. Now my

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Debt Diary: Living Simply While Slaying the Monster

I’m the primary wage-earner in my family. My husband works at a low-paying job in the service sector, and when I lost my fairly well-paying job in 2010, our family was in crisis almost immediately. With

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Debt Diary – From Career to Freelancer with Tony S

Welcome to the first post in my new series called Debt Diaries. This is a series that chronicles the stories of the readers of Debt Roundup as they go through debt. Here, we meet Tony Standin, who has

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