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Is Holiday Shopping With Credit Cards Right For You?

With the passing of Turkey Day, the official beginning of the holiday shopping season starts! There are sales EVERYWHERE! Retailers are doing their best to get your attention and get you into their stores

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6 Free Apps to Help You Pay Off Student Loan Debt (or Any Debt Really)

It’s a sad day in the debt repayment space, especially those with student loan debt (there are so many). The awesome tool, ReadyforZero, has decided to shut down and focus on their blog content.

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Is Cutting Up Your Credit Cards to Get Out of Debt a Good Idea?

You vowed that this year was going to be the year that you finally manage to kick financial butt. The only roadblock? Your debt and bad credit. When you first start trying to rebuild your finances, it

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Which Debt Payoff Method is Better? Debt Snowball Or Avalanche

Paying off debt is a very difficult task to achieve.  No matter which way you slice it, it will take time and patience to cut your debt down to $0.  Many people that have reduced their debt live by

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How I Paid Off My Debt and Saved at the Same Time

  I’m constantly asked how one should pay off debt. It’s extremely hard to answer, because it’s generally based on personal experiences and preferences. That being said, I firmly

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I Brown-Bagged My Lunch for 4 Years! Here’s What Happened

Do you think I lost weight? Felt better for eating healthier foods? Well, I did see both of those when I decided to stop eating out every day for lucn, but it wasn’t the change I was looking for.

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How I Paid Off Over $50,000 Of Credit Card Debt and Changed My Life

It took four years of my life, but I was able to prevail. I stand in front of you today completely credit card debt free. Yes, I was someone who racked up a lot of credit card debt (add on top the over

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Have You Said This to Yourself? If So, You Might Be In Debt!

  Digging yourself out of debt can be a difficult task. When you’re tens of thousands of dollars in debt (Grayson had at least $50,000 in credit card debt) it is easy to feel like there is no way

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Back in Black: Fast Fixes to Free Yourself From the Chains of Debt

Debt rarely comes out of nowhere. It’s a steady buildup over many years. Sometimes, it does feel like you’ve gotten in over your head “all of the sudden” though. When it seems hopeless, here are

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Three Hidden Costs of Debt and How to Manage Them

We are all aware that being in debt can be very taxing emotionally.  It can bring us to the breaking point and in some cases, actually break us.  Everyone is also aware of the actual cost of being in

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