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How to Effectively Use Credit Cards After Debt

If you haven’t followed my blog since it started nearly five years ago, you might not realize I came from a position of overspending and debt. When I started this site, I had just finished paying

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How We Saved Over $180,000 After Paying Down Debt

Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun (or saving money). Seriously though, I can’t believe it was back in 2012 when I paid off my last credit card after being in the hole for so long.

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Is Holiday Shopping With Credit Cards Right For You?

With the passing of Turkey Day, the official beginning of the holiday shopping season starts! There are sales EVERYWHERE! Retailers are doing their best to get your attention and get you into their stores

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Choosing and Using Credit Cards While in the Military

Let’s be very honest here, credit cards are a part of many everyday lives. They are certainly a part of mine and have been for years. I’ve been on both sides of using credit cards, good and

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How to Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards Experience

It’s no secret that I used to find myself in a lot of credit card debt (over $50,000). I fought to take my financial life back and succeeded. Most people ask me if I use credit cards anymore because

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The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards to Consolidate Debt

Today I want to show you how to use balance transfer credit cards to consolidate debt. I did this for four years and it saved me thousands in interest. It’s not difficult, but you do need to find

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How to Pay Your Credit Card With Your Voice and Amazon

Today is a pretty cool day in the world of personal finance and technology. At least for those of us who enjoy harnessing the power of technology to further our financial freedom. You’re probably

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A Super Simple Way to Save Over $400 a Year While Spending Normally

I might blow your mind with this post as I’m going to discuss something that many might think is strange. I don’t find it strange, but that’s because I live it every day and have no

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Credit Card Protection: 18 Tips to Help Keep Your Money Safe

A frequent reader of Debt Roundup wanted to share these great credit card protection tips with everyone.  The reason is her friend had some issues with credit card fraud and thought people should be more

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My Credit Card Company Wants to be My Emergency Fund

I got an email from American Express telling me I can choose to pay off my entire balance or just the minimum if I want to give me more flexibility. I have learned from my debt mistake and don’t

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