Advice when borrowing moneyBorrowing can come in a variety of forms but the basics are usually the same. By borrowing money, you are taking credit and the associated risks involved. Done well, borrowing money can prove very useful and frugal but of course this is a decision that should always be well informed.

In this regard, here is some useful financial advice and tips that may prove helpful.


It’s not commonly considered a form of borrowing but being overdrawn with your bank is essentially borrowing money. After all, you’re spending money which you don’t have and it can be charged against you depending on how long you don’t pay it back for.

Overdrafts can be complicated, often varying depending on the account in question, so don’t jump to conclusions and borrow carelessly.

Credit cards

Credit cards are known as a revolving form of credit. This is because, like overdrafts, they can be added too and paid off at any point. As such, managing the balance is more complicated but it gives you the option for careful borrowing when you need it most.

Of course, this also puts it in a similar fashion as overdrafts and a wise spender knows when they can borrow from a bank or when it’s better to use a credit card. Being able to determine which can save you money in the long run and reduce any associated risks is vitally important here.


The most direct form of borrowing, loans are the opposite to revolving credit. These are known as installment loans, since that is how you predominately pay them back.

Loans generally allow you to borrow larger amounts of credit in one go, with a fixed repayment plan put in place to handle paying the money back. Whilst this ties you down to some monetary commitments, it gives you access to a larger amount of money when you need it. It is also arguably easier to keep track of since you take out as much as you need at the time rather than adding to it as and when needed like with revolving credit.

Finally, this should show some of the complications and considerations involved in any form of borrowing; from overdrafts to credit cards and loans. External advice is always helpful, especially from someone who isn’t trying to sell you a loan themselves and as such talking to a company like is always advisable. For a neutral opinion that isn’t biased, take a look at their website today.

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