This is a new series that I like to call Budget Fail!  I plan on writing posts here and there about when I or a Debt Roundup reader has a failure in their budget.  This is the first post in the series and it is about my budget failure.

partyThis past weekend was a good weekend for me.  I attended a good bachelor party that was really fun and entertaining.  The only issue was that I was the best man and I forgot to budget for the party.  Oops!

I am a big fan of bachelor parties.  I had an epic one almost 5 years ago that I can remember til this day (at least some parts, there are others that are a little fuzzy!).  My best man and groomsmen put on one hell of a party and I still thank them for it.  What a way to “go out” as they call it.  This time around it was my turn to put on a good show.

This party all started last year when my close friend told me that he was proposing to his then girlfriend and wanted me to be the best man at his wedding.  I was honored by the selection and I was happy to oblige.  I knew a thing or two about throwing a legendary party, so I had nothing to worry about.  At least I thought I didn’t.

It turns out that around the same time, my wife and I found out that we were having a baby.  I was super excited and scared at the same time.  My son was born in December and it has been a wild ride every since.  With all of the baby brain going around, I almost forgot to plan the bachelor party!  I know, I know, I look like a jerk for forgetting my role as the best man.  I only have a few tasks as the best man, and throwing a great bachelor party is one of them.

Once my son was born, I couldn’t even remember to tie my shoes (thank goodness for slip on dress shoes!).  I had completely forgotten to plan the bachelor party and now my buddy wanted to know when it was.  Ah, Crap!  I scrambled and figured out something to do and gave myself a little less than a month to put it together.  I rallied the other groomsmen and got something on the books.  The bachelor was none the wiser.  Haha, I am about to pull this off.

Money, Money, Money

See, since this is my first bachelor party, not being the bachelor, I forgot to think about the money.  I have been busy budgeting for the baby and I forgot to enter the numbers for the party.  It is customary for the groomsmen and people attending the party to foot the bill for the bachelor.  I don’t have any problem with that, except that the wedding party is small, so the money dispersion is much smaller.  This leaves me with a much larger bill.  How could I have forgotten about this dang party?


Yep, you see that number?  That was how much I ended up having to pay for a 3 day bachelor party (Thank goodness for my American Express).  While it may not be much, it was not in my budget at all.  I just paid off the medical bills for my son’s birth, along with trying to figure out how to pay for a new couch to replace the one that just decided to give up on life.  Now, I am dealing with the loss of $375 that I didn’t have.  What was I thinking?  I will have to just rack this one up to stupidity and move one.  All in all, the weekend was awesome.  We had a great time and the bachelor really enjoyed his weekend and so did I.  I actually got to sleep without being woken up by a baby.  Just Awesome!

Oh, I forgot to admit that I FAILED!

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