RetailMeNot LogoWell, it is about to be back to school season again.  If you have a child that is not in a year-round program, then you probably have been preparing for this time.  The back to school “holiday” is a huge consumer spending time period.  Students need the proper supplies for their education and the parents need to provide those.  It is a viscous yearly cycle, but that doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget, does it?

There are countless ways to save money when you are shopping for back-to-school items.  You can get your local newspaper and see what type of sales are going on.  You could peruse the online forum to find great online deals.  You could work on finding some slightly used items off of Craigslist or eBay.  There are tons of ways to find some sweet savings.

Since I don’t like to deal with crowds when I shop, I dedicated myself to shopping online.  When I do this, I search for deals left and right, but the one place that I always check first is RetailMeNot.  I have been a fan of this coupon website for a long time and it is the one place that I go before I click the buy button.

Back to School Savings

For those that are unfamiliar with RetailMeNot, it is by far the largest digital coupon website in the US.  They have so many deals for so many retailers, that it can be overwhelming.  Luckily, their website makes it super simple to find the deals that you want.  For the back-to-school deals, RetailMeNot has setup a great deal section for those looking to save some serious cash on school supplies.  From free shipping coupons to percentage off deals, they have you covered when you shop for all of your school supplies.

School Supply Contest

RetailMeNot Classroom Shopping Spree Contest

Do you have a favorite teacher or a great teacher that is in some serious need for school supplies for their classroom?  We all know that teachers have to work hard to get the good supplies to teach their kids, so RetailMeNot has created a Classroom Shopping Spree contest and partnered with Costco.  The winning teacher gets a 3-minute shopping spree at Costco to grab as much as they can.  Here is how to enter:

  • Create a Youtube video to nominate your favorite teacher.
  • Upload the video to Youtube with the title: “RetailMeNot Teacher Nomination”
  • Go to their contest page to finish the submission process.

With all of the budget cuts going against education these days, it is imperative that we help out our teachers the best that we can.  Having quality educational materials is a must if we want to complete on a world-wide scale.  RetailMeNot released their latest Shoppers Trend Special Report that shows how the budget cuts are really affecting the teachers, the students, and the parents.  These statistics are staggering.

Everyday Savings

We don’t have to use coupons for just special occasions and times like the Back to School “holiday”, do we?  I love coupons and use them almost on every purchase.  It is a simple way to save some money with little effort.  If you like to look through and find those clearance sales, then check out RetailMeNot’s clearance section for the top brands.  If you love to eat out, then make sure you get the best deals for your local restaurants and pizza.  Mmmmm….Pizza!  If you are on the go all of the time and have a smart phone, then make sure to download the RetailMeNot mobile coupons app.  It makes it so easy to get the best deals when you are shopping around town.  What a way to make shopping and saving even easier!

RetailMeNot Mobile Coupons App

If you are going to be heading out to tackle the dreaded back to school shopping list soon, then make sure you arm yourself with the best deals that the top brands have to offer.  There is no need to pay full price for anything and don’t we all like to save money when we shop?  I know that I do!

So, why don’t you make the Back to School shopping season easier on yourself and your budget?  Saving money with coupons is easy and it can really add up.  If you don’t really have a budget, then check out my back to school budget calculator.

Disclosure: This article was sponsored by RetailMeNot, but the opinions and views are truthful and my own.

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