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6 Side Hustles You Can Start for Free to Make Money

There are tons of great reasons to start side hustling, like paying off debt, building savings, or paying for more fun things in life, like a vacation. Once in a while, your side hustle might be even

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10 Cheap and Fun Summer Activities for Families

At long last, summer has arrived and school is out (or nearly out) in most parts of the country! Although kids and adults both tend to look forward to summer, it may not be long before parents will hear

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How and Why You Should Start Saving Now for Next Summer’s Vacation

Everyone needs a little time away now and then to unwind from job tension or the pressures of school and family. But taking a relaxing getaway is probably not at the top of your priority list if you are

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How to Avoid Premature Depreciation on Your Car

Before I bought a new car last spring, I did my fair share of car shopping for several months. I wanted to make sure I got all the features and things I wanted in my new-to-me car without paying more

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4 Types of Friends That Can Influence Your Spending Habits

If you are what you eat then I would argue that you also are who you hang out with. In other words, the people you choose to spend time with do have an impact on the way you think and behave. When it

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Gas vs Electric: Which is Cheaper for Heating Your Home?

Although most of us are still struggling to stay cool in the hot August temperatures, the fast approaching beginning of the school year tells us those cooler fall days we’ve all been longing for are

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2 Personal Care Items Worth Paying For (and 4 That Aren’t)

When you’re trying to trim your budget, you need to look at every item you spend money on to determine the cost of what you are paying for. For example, when I re-evaluate my budget and expenses, I

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Do You Really Save Money with High-Efficiency Appliances?

I have been plagued with more trouble with appliances in my home than I think most people have in a lifetime, and I’ve only been a homeowner for just shy of 4 years. In that time, I’ve had a lemon

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How to Say “No” When You Work From Home

Last July, I was able to leave my full-time job to turn my side hustle into my main source of income. Grayson did the same thing with his business in November of last year. Since then, I have enjoyed

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Is Your Smoking Habit Burning Up Your Budget?

Everyone has at least one vice or bad habit they would like to rid themselves of. I’ll admit one of mine is for cute shoes, and another big one for me is going out to eat. Thankfully, I’ve been doing

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