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The Quick Guide to Credit Unions and Why You Should Care

For those with only a few years of experience in the professional workforce – or those joining it for the first time – the euphoria of getting a paycheck has probably been tempered with the reality

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5 of the Biggest Money Saving Tips for Life Insurance

I have a big goal here on Debt Roundup. I try my best to show you many ways to save more of your money each and every day. I know my audience loves to save money, along with making more. This is what

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How to Avoid Being Drained by Money Vampires

Vampires are traditionally depicted as being so suave and charming that their victims don’t realize they’re in danger until it’s too late. Money vampires work in a similar way. No, they’re not

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4 Financial Habits To Know About Your Significant Other

According to the February COUNTRY Financial Security Index, just 41 percent of those dating someone say they are aware of their significant other’s debt. That number goes up in couples who are engaged

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How to Prepare to Purchase a Home

Buying a home is a huge milestone in life, a measure of success and a seismic mental shift from being a mobile person to one who is committing to a property and a community. It’s important to be

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From Zero to Hero And Back Again, Twice!

This is a great story from Stephen Tang. He provides great detail into his journey, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite beverage! Here is my story of how I turned $2,000 into over $100,000 in

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Why You Should Choose a Local Appliance Store

There comes a time in all of our lives that we have to make large purchases. Let’s face it, that is just how our lives work right now. Our modern lives demand dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines

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Changing Our Attitude On Debt

Here is a new post in the Debt Diaries series. I want to thank Dee, from Color Me Frugal, for supplying her story. The hubs and I graduated from school at around the same time, in 2006. We’d been broke

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3 Tips To Help You Save For Your Dream Car

What is your dream car? Is it something with lots of grunt or super sleek and sexy? Is your current car on its last legs? Or maybe you’re looking to get into your first car and gain true independence?

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Are You Robbing Visa To Pay Mastercard?

This infographic from highlights the typical cycle that the majority of debtors go through. Over 63% of people in debt don’t seek help within adequate time and furthermore, many don’t

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