I was looking around for some investment tips the other day and I came across this infographic.  Being a visual learner, I love them and they really help me get a grasp on something that I want to learn more about.  Since I am relatively new to investing, I have been trying to learn more about different types of investment vehicles along with good strategy.  I think it is always a good bet to educate yourself when you are about to jump into anything, especially if you have the chance to lose money.

That being said, I found this infographic very interesting.  It covers how some people are wired to make bad investment decisions because they are not risk takers.  I can really see this as true.  You can see the ones that are making poor investment decisions when they pull out of the market because their stocks are down or because the news tells them about impending doom.  The problem is that, for the most part, investing should be for the long term.  People don’t usually make a ton of money in the stock market in a few days or months.  They make their money over a series of years.  Now, I know that money can be made with quick buying and selling, but you really have to be on the ball with this type of investment strategy.

So, I want to see if you think you are hardwired to make bad investment decisions.  Do you get scared when the market tumbles and pull your money out?  Are you a risk taker and that is why you invest in the stock market in the first place?

hardwired investment decisions


What do you think of this infographic?  Have you ever thought about your investment decisions as being wise or poor?

5 Ways your brain tricks you into bad investment decisions. infographic by infoglyphs.

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