Android productivity appsThe hustle and bustle of modern life can be overwhelming at times. We either need to be five places at once or have an extra pair of hands just to finish everything on our busy agendas. Well, thankfully we now have Android smartphones with useful apps that can help us juggle various aspects of our busy lives. Let’s explore some these apps below.

Editor’s Note: I love anything that will make me more productive and I use some of these apps on my phone.  I hope some of these will help your busy life become a little more orgainized.

For Reading – Pocket

We have all become used to using multiple devices in our daily lives. With home PC’s, work PC’s, tablets, and smartphones, managing all of these devices can be taxing at best. Before now, syncing the browser data between all of these devices was either time consuming or near impossible. However, browsers like Chrome now have a synchronization feature that allows you to access the same bookmarks across all of your devices.

If you like staying up to date on all of the latest news, then the Pocket app is a must. Similar to the Read It Later app on the iPhone, the free Pocket app works in conjunction with Chrome to allow you to bookmark pages across all of your devices. The Android app also puts all of the content from the bookmarked pages into an easy to read, magazine-esque format.

For Travel – MeterUp!

If you live in a major metropolitan area, then you know how much of your day revolves around getting from point A to point B. With taxi fares fluctuating constantly, it’s easy to get scammed out of more than just a dollar or two. MeterUp! provides the price of fares between two locations, a map with detailed directions, and the travel distance between where you’re leaving from and your destination. It’s essentially the only app you’ll need for your inner-city travel needs.

For Finance – Mint

Ok, it’s time to be honest; are you truly on top of your finances? If you even hesitated to say yes, there’s no need to worry. Most people today are struggling with their finances in some regard, whether they don’t make enough to make ends meet, or they simply don’t manage their money well enough to save for the future.

Thankfully, Mint’s finance app for Android was made with your financial freedom in mind. By creating your own Mint account, you’re able to create budgets based on how you spend and can create customized categories where you want to create a new budget for yourself. Providing you the ability to sign up for daily email or text notifications regarding your spending and detailed overview of each budget you created, you’ll be on the path to financial freedom in no time with Mint by your side.

For Assistance – Vlingo Virtual Assistant

With so much going on in our everyday lives, there are times when we would all love to have our own personal assistant. Vlingo just so happens to be a voice-activated personal assistant app that can make your hectic life much easier. With Vlingo, you can send texts, emails, make phone calls, browse the web, and have your questions answered hands-free while you’re driving, running , or doing anything for that matter. The app even has an in-car option that can be used to start up the voice system by saying a couple of words. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The app marketplace is filled with thousands of apps that serve specific functions, but these apps are some of the most helpful you’ll come across. As you can see, whether you need the cost of a taxi fare in Seattle or a detailed spending tracker, there is an Android app just begging to be used. Check out the marketplace today and see how much easier your life is when using these applications.

Author Bio: Bradley Derringer is a blogger for TechBreach, giving you the latest on all things tech.

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  1. Actually, if you use Chrome, you don’t need a third party app to sync your bookmarks. Firefox has y the same functionality although Firefox didn’t work so well on lower-end android devices.

  2. I use mint, though not too much on my phone. Vlingo is definitely cool. I haven’t heard of the other two, but I’ll have to check out meterup. That seems like it would be especially useful if you’re in a new city.

  3. I love posts on tech. I need to use Mint more on my phone. I always seem to think of Mint at my personal computer but much of my checking I could do while I’m sitting somewhere waiting…..

  4. These seem like useful apps, but I haven’t personally used any of them. I’m an Apple user, but I’m sure a lot of these apps are on there as well. I’ll have to check them out.

    1. I am surprised to hear that you don’t have a cell phone. That is the only form of communication that I have. I don’t have a landline phone anymore.

  5. I love Mint and Pocket, and will definitely check these others out. Vlingo sounds especially promising. Thanks!

  6. Vlingo sounds interesting. I currently have to tap the “talk” button to do voice features on my Galaxy, but an app that would just let me actually talk to activate the “talk” features sounds awesome!

  7. Vlingo sounds intriguing – I have a hands-free kit in my car and I spend A LOT of time driving. It would be nice to be able to send texts, emails, and look up stuff online while being able to stay safe and legal on the road. Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. I run on bluetooth in my car, so I don’t have to touch my phone. It can be activated by a button on my steering wheel.

  8. Addition: TextMaker Mobile for word processing!
    That’s by far the best word processor I tested (and I tried out a lot), it has loads of features, and many of these has no other competitor (e.g. easy embedding of all fonts, handling of ODT, conversion of file formats, …) and the best is its full functionality with track changes: you can see changes, record, accept/reject, and jump from one to the next, same with comments, footnotes, endnotes, … that will make this app invaluable to professionals and students.
    Another big plus is its perfect compatibility with Word formats, never had messed up formattings.

    1. Thank you for the addition Mudhoney, I appreciate it. I do enjoy word processing and I will have to check this one out.

  9. I have an iPhone, but you should try Wunderlist. It’s pretty awesome! It’s a to-do/whatever-you-want list maker that I LOVE. Any.DO is another.

  10. I use most of this apps and they are quite useful for me. But I haven’t used Vlingo, I have to try it now.

    Thanks for the info.