How to Save Money Everyday at AmazonI am a huge fan of shopping on Amazon, not only because I’m a Prime member, but also due to Amazon warehouse deals! I mentioned this little known section of Amazon before in one of my early posts about Amazon. Being a deal seeker, I try to find the greatest deals that I can wherever I shop.  I am also an Amazon Prime member, so Amazon is really my one stop shop for many of my products.

I learned about Amazon warehouse deals some time ago when I was searching for a camera lens for my wife.  If you know about photography, then you understand that camera lenses are expensive.  I am not very savvy when it comes to the camera, so my wife told me what type of lens she wanted (got to love that).  With the information in hand, I was able to start my search.  Here is my experience* with Amazon warehouse deals and why I think you should always check there for awesome deals every time you shop on Amazon.

*My experience with warehouse deals has been very positive, it’s one of the many ways I show you how to save on Amazon. You should check out this list for over 20 ways!

I have updated this post with new information about Warehouse deals and how Amazon has changed the listings.

Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon doesn’t really make it easy to find their warehouse deals section, but they have done a better job at including them into the product price listings.  If you just start searching using their large search bar, then you probably won’t find the section.  If you want to specifically search their warehouse deals, then head to this page.  This is their main warehouse deals section.  Now, anytime you search, you should see “Amazon Warehouse Deals” next to the search box, like shown below.

You can find the warehouse deals when you are on a product page and you are checking the prices.  You will see the new products first, but then you can find the warehouse deals typically listed as “Used.”  Click the “used” link to pull up all of the sellers of the product you’re looking for. If there are no used prices, then they don’t have the product selling as a warehouse deal.

Finding Amazon Warehouse deal pricing

Then look through the listings to find those being sold under Amazon Warehouse Deals. You can use the “Prime” filter on the side to help that process along.

Amazon warehouse deal listings

What is Amazon Warehouse Deals?

Basically, warehouse deals consists of products that have been returned, damaged at the warehouse, used, and refurbished.  These items just don’t meet Amazon’s “new” standard, so they list them here.  They also have some new and open-boxed items, but there are less of these.  If you are an Amazon Prime member, then you can get the same 2-day shipping on eligible items.

Amazon thoroughly tests each product to make sure that it is still functional before listing back on sale.  They even grade their items to help you find ones that you are willing to purchase.  Some of their grading can be a little general, but if you shop there enough, you start to understand how they are doing it.  Here are their product conditions or grades.

  • New – This means that the product has not been opened, but the package has superficial damage.  These offer new products with discounted prices because the shipping package was damaged. Easy way to score a little deal with a brand new product.
  • Like New – These are typical returns where the customer might pull the item out and then just return it.  The packaging has been opened, but the product is in perfect working order.  Amazon will also put some products that have some physical damage to the outer box of the factory sealed item.
  • Very Good – The item has been tested and verified to work correctly. The item may have some cosmetic damage or blemishes.
  • Good – Items are tested and verified in working order. They may be missing accessories or have large cosmetic damage.
  • Acceptable – Items are still tested and verified in working order.  There are signs of wear along with possible different packaging and could include third party accessories.

I tend to only purchase items that are New, which are harder to find, Like New, or Very Good.  I have purchased quite a few items from warehouse deals and never had an issue with them. Amazon still stands behind their return policy, so if you have any issues, then you need to call them up. They have excellent customer service when it comes to returns. When you see the items listed, they will have a little description underneath listing the reason for the listing.  I have found that these are pretty general, but some are quite detailed.  It really depends on the product. Here is an example of one that is good.

amazon warehouse deal listing detail

If you find something you like when shopping Amazon warehouse deals, then understand that they typically don’t have a lot of deep inventory. These are returns and damaged items, so they won’t have a lot of inventory. If you are waiting for it to go on sale, you might miss your chance to get the item. This is especially important when holiday shopping season comes around.

Why Amazon Warehouse Deals is Awesome!

When people ask me were to find great deals online, I typically tell them about warehouse deals.  The majority of people I speak with have never heard of it, yet they have Amazon accounts.  I think this is a great opportunity to find great deals on products that you want or need.  Yes, you do have to be careful of what you order, but if you find the right product condition, then you will most likely be OK.  Amazon has warehouse deals for many great and popular categories like consumer electronics, baby products, sports & outdoor, home & garden, shoes, and much more.

You still get the same great service from Amazon, but you can save a good amount of money. When I bought the camera lens for my wife, I was able to save $75 off the regular price just because the shipping box was damaged. The lens had no issues and my wife loved the gift. I can’t complain there.  The worst I have had was there was an accessory missing.  Luckily, it only cost me about $5 for a replacement, so I considered that a win.  Some products you can save 5% on, while others you can save 40%.  It really all depends on the item and how long Amazon has had it in their inventory.  So, if you are looking for a good deal while shopping online, then check out Amazon warehouse deals!

Regular shoppers should be taking advantage of these deals. Yes, they can be hit or miss, but you’d never know unless you’ve checked. Before I buy something, I will check the warehouse deal section just to be sure I can’t find something that’s been returned. You really never know what you might find. If you’re really lucky, then you might be able to find an Amazon coupon to go along with it for even more savings. Don’t forget about those little insta-click treasures!

Check out warehouse deals

Have you used Amazon’s warehouse deals section before? How did it work out for you?


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