13 Ways Teens Can Make Extra Cash (Besides Flipping Burgers)

Earning money as a teenager can be an exciting opportunity as you can work as much (or little) as you want. Since you still live at home, your teen years are an excellent opportunity to establish a micro-business

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15 Simple Ways to Make Extra Money in Retirement

So, you’re retired and looking for ways to earn extra money? No problem with that. You have some free time and what better way than to make money? Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you

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How to Easily Watch NFL Games Without Cable

Are you excited about watching NFL games this season? Yeah, join the club! The one and maybe only reason you still might be hanging onto your cable TV subscription is to watch NFL games. As households

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12 Work-from-Home Jobs to Make Extra Money

Working from home jobs have become very popular lately with all of the opportunities out there and the faster internet running through our society. It’s becoming a reality for more and more who

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How to Avoid Work From Home Scams and Make Extra Money

Who doesn’t want to have a few work from home opportunities to choose from? Too bad there are quite a few scams out there you will need to filter through before you can find the real and legitimate

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101 Awesome and Reliable Ways to Make Extra Money

Ever since I came to the realization of my debt problems, I’ve worked hard to find ways to make extra money. In fact, some would say I’ve been obsessed with it. I’ll be completely honest

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The 7 Best Micro Investing Apps You Need to Try

Not everyone has the money to start investing, or so they think. Did you know you can invest with just a few dollars each month or even just spare change? Do you want to build a small nest egg by investing

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Free Back to School Supplies Guide for Every Grade

It’s back to school season my friends. If you have kids in school, then you know about this lovely time. The school lists are out and you need to head out to get supplies if you haven’t already.

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Top Digit Alternatives – Free Money Saving Apps

Looking for a free Digit alternative? Or just one that is cheaper than Digit? I’m going to share a few with you that I’ve found to be quite awesome! I’ve been a huge fan of Digit ever

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How to Effectively Use Credit Cards After Debt

If you haven’t followed my blog since it started nearly five years ago, you might not realize I came from a position of overspending and debt. When I started this site, I had just finished paying

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