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Debt Roundup is a personal finance blog dedicated to helping anyone and everyone get out of debt and grow their wealth.  Since launching, Debt Roundup has grown exponentially.  We reach a wide range of individuals that are interested in handling their money in a more responsible fashion, but also those looking to grow their wealth.  If you wish to reach a range of consumers dealing with debt and their overall finances, then I thank you for your interest in advertising.  This site reaches thousands of readers per month with great reader engagement and social promotion.

Debt Roundup has been featured in major online publications such as Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, LifeHacker, and some local radio programs.

Blog Advertising Policy

Since Debt Roundup is dedicated to educating people about debt and growing wealth, we want to work with advertisers that follow our mission.  We offer a wide range of advertising opportunities that can fit any advertising model.  We want to work with you in order to reach the right audience.  We reserve the right to accept or deny an advertising request based on how the advertisement fits our values and educational model.

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If you are interested in advertising on Debt Roundup, please use the form below.  We work with a wide range of advertisers and will work hard to fit an opportunity into your advertising budget. If you are interested in our media kit, please use the form below and we will send it upon request. You can also send an email to contact [at]

I also run two other personal finance sites, Empowered Shopper and Eyes on the Dollar.  If you want to advertise on these as well, then I am more than willing to work with you.

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