The one thing about us savers is that we love store rewards/loyalty programs.  Unfortunately, each store has their own card.  As you continue to enroll in loyalty programs, your keyring begins to fill up with those small plastic cards.  If you are like me, then you hate adding them onto your keyring.  I actually have a dedicated keyring just for my loyalty cards, but hated how much room it took up in my pocket.  The one issue that I have with mine is that sometimes I don’t have my keyring with me, so I don’t get to rack up rewards at my favorite store.  I finally got fed up with it and found a solution.

The Power of the Smartphone

I am a dedicated smartphone user.  Though I have been contemplating moving carriers or going prepaid, I still love my smartphone.  I allows me to keep up with my finances on the go, get information when I need it, and stream my favorite music at the flick of my finger.  Since I have an android phone, I decided to jump onto the android marketplace and figure out a solution to my rewards card problem.  Luckily, I stumbled upon Key Ring.  This handy and free mobile app allows you to scan all of your existing loyalty cards and put them in one simple place.  You can even sign up for new loyalty programs at your favorite stores withing a few clicks.  I have never found something so simple to use.

Key Ring is both an iPhone and Android application, so no matter what phone you have, you can harness the power of simplifying your loyalty card lifestyle.  You can now be a part of any program that you wish, without having to add another plastic card onto your keyring.  All you do is load the app, click the rewards card that you want to use and the cashier just scans it like any other card.  It is that simple.   Here is their promo video that will easily show you how it works.  There is really nothing to it.

The RoundUp

I know many of you carry rewards/loyalty cards.  There is really no reason not to, unless you have privacy concerns.  I already know that companies know more about me than I wish they would, so why not take advantage of some savings.  If you are tired of lugging about those little plastic rewards cards, or would like to declutter your keyring, then try out the Key Ring app.  It is simple to use, effective, and best of all, Free!

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