9 Ways to Make More Money over Summer Break

It looks, and feels, like summer’s nearly here, and if you’re hoping to make a few bucks between the end of your school year and the start of the next one, it can be a challenge finding an employer willing to hire you for just the summer months. It takes time to locate and apply for part time jobs willing to take you on just for a summer.

Some students and teachers don’t even bother, but for others who are not as well off financially, there is no other option. A summer job can make a real difference in your finances if you find a decent one. Trust me, when I was a college student, I often made enough money during the summer to cover most of my expenses during the school year.

If you are in the latter category and in need of a summer job, here are 9 ideas you can use to make money on summer break.


If you are out of school for the summer, so are a whole bunch of other children. Parents may have a difficult time finding a daycare with full-time openings for school-aged children. That’s where older, high school and college students come in handy.  Babysitting is a great opportunity to make some money and have a little fun too.

If the kids are old enough, talk to their parents about taking them to the pool a few times a week, or to the park. Line up some other fun activities to pass the time while you put some money in your pocket. You may even be able to find a nanny opportunity that provides you room and board for the summer, which is immensely helpful if you live in the dorms at college and have to give up your room over the summer.

Mowing Lawns

It can be difficult for working adults to find time to mow and take care of their yard over the summer. I know how busy I am during the winter months, but when it’s time to take care of the yard and growing plants too, I get overwhelmed.

You might need your own mower, and if you are really serious, your own trimmer and edger too. But if you line up several customers, you could make enough to pay for the price of a mower and still have a bundle of cash to help pay for expenses when you get back to school.

Try lining up some businesses as well as individuals and homeowners to maximize your earnings.

Car Detailing

The summer months are a great time to wash the dirt and salt off your vehicle that accumulated during the long winter months. It doesn’t require a whole lot of equipment to do car detailing, but it does require a whole lot of labor, so be prepared for some sore muscles at the end of the day. If you aren’t used to manual labor. You also need to be detail oriented as people don’t like to pay to have their car washed and the interior cleaned only to find crumbs and missed spots later.

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Be a Lifeguard

One of the most popular summer jobs for high school and college students in my hometown is lifeguarding. You will definitely need some swimming skills as well as CPR and possibly even some lifeguard certification courses. But it could be worth it to relax in the sun, get a tan, and get paid.


Spring and summer months are a popular time for people to update the interiors and exteriors of their homes with a fresh coat of paint. If you are skilled at painting and know how to do the proper prep work and cleanup, you could pocket a nice chunk of change from this summer job. But once again, it might take some getting used to if you aren’t used to a lot of manual labor the rest of the year.

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Doing Odd Jobs

With a little advertising through Facebook, word of mouth, and posters around your neighborhood, you may be able to pick up some cash doing things such as house sitting, dog walking, dog sitting, gutter cleaning, yard watering, window washing, clothes mending, pet grooming, errand running, grocery buying, and any number of other small jobs people are willing to pay you for. Many busy families just need a set of helping hands to help take care of these extra tasks that are outside of their ordinary daily routine.

Check out Craigslist as well. They have a little “gigs” section that many don’t know about. You can easily pick up a few tasks that can pay well without a lot of your time. There is nothing easier than scrolling through Craigslist to find a few paying gigs.

Camp Counselor

Being a camp counselor is another fun way to make some money over the summer months. Check online for camps looking for a counselor at such sites as American Camp Association. You’ll get to hone your leadership skills, spend time teaching children about the outdoors and other skills, and get plenty of fresh air yourself.

Farm Worker

Agriculture can be found in many areas of our country, and summer is a season when some farmers need extra help. If you come from a farming background, you are nearly guaranteed to get a job helping with harvest or building fence for a rancher. This was another common job for high school and college students in my rural hometown.

Golf Caddy

If you live anywhere near an exclusive club and know anything about the game of golf, you may be able to get a job as a caddy. The tips can be very good and you get exercise and fresh air while you’re working. Plus, you might even be able to improve your own golf game by watching and listening to others as they play.


No matter what type of job you are looking for during your summer break, if you are willing to work hard and ask for references, you can build a reputation that will help you earn money both now and in the future.

What other ideas do you have to make money on summer break?

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  1. These are all great ideas. My sons have done and are still doing most of these ideas. My oldest son, 19, worked for a farmer one summer and was able to save enough to buy a truck plus cover his insurance for over a year. Now my youngest son, which is 15, bought his truck a few months back and is now mowing lawns to help pay for the insurance.

  2. I remember when I was still a college student, I used to be part time life guard and this side hustle was really amazing as some people asked me to teach their kids how to swim, whose payment was separate from my main side hustle. Basically, I kinda earned a lot out of this job.

  3. Thanks for the great suggestions! These are perfect job ideas for teens looking to make some money this summer. We like your odd jobs point a lot. Sometimes all that side hustling can really add up!